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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by southernsteel, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Hey Guys, just found this forum and love it. Anyway I am in the process of buying a New Holland 190 and one of the brush cutters/chippers on the market (tomma ax, fecon, sippi ). I plan on using it for genreal land clearing , forestry work, and maybe hurricane cleanup( I live in South Alabama). I relise that most of you guys are in the landscape/lawn business but feel that you are the people to ask about this. How much work do you run across where you could use this cutter head? Do you have any suggestions on getting business? I also plan to do genreal skid steer work ,but plan to specialize in the clearing business with a inphases on enviromentail inpact. Any and all suggestions welcome . Thanks
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    You may want to also look at and talk to some of the guys there.

    As for amount of work needing it, it's not in our everyday line of work. In fact, in 7 years, that I know of, there's only been one job that has been bid where something along the lines of what you are talking would have been helpful.

    The Bullhog unit (Fecon) will run around $20k, the TimberAx will be around $15-16k. At those rates, you better be using it almost every day. Otherwise you might as well just toss your money out the window, you'd have about the same return on it.

    I'm not even sure if a NH has a high flow option on the hydraulics, I don't remember NH's being one of the "recommended" machines for those attachments.

    Personally, if I were going to buy one of those attachments, I think I would want a dedicated tracked machine to put it on. You can get in and out of areas much easier with tracks, and you will rut up the ground much less with tracks as opposed to wheels.

    If you do buy one of those attachments, you will be entering a somewhat specialized market with it. It's not a service that everyone uses. Talk to loggers, farmers, and even Christmas tree growers to see if they might be interested in using the service. You might even check with your state DNR to see if they need firebreaks cut and find out what the bid process there.

    All in all, as a landscaper, I would not buy one. It's a completely different field of work than what we currently do, and I just don't know if the market is there for it in our area. It may be in yours though.

    Just my thoughts! Hope they help some......

  3. southernsteel

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    Thanks Felix, any suggestions help, SS

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