forgot which wires on pump start relay

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawnguy712, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. lawnguy712

    lawnguy712 LawnSite Member
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    Hey guys,
    Can someone help me--my boss told me to makr the wires, but I didn't--Where do the time clock wires from the pump start relay conect to the hunter pump start relay--l1--l2 etc etc

  2. NC_Irrigator

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    it doesnt matter i think, ones for the common wire hookup and the other is for the master valve wire hook up

    you also have a line and a load, so be sure to hook those up correct also check for if your using 110 or 220v type pump
  3. jcom

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    Guess I don't understand the 120/240 difference that is referenced. The pump relay will have the load/line side regardless of the voltage. It will have 24volt control voltage regarless of supply power.

  4. Beartooth

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    Check The Wiring Diagram On The Relay Itself!
  5. lawnguy712

    lawnguy712 LawnSite Member
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    I dont have a diagram---My question is where do the wires from the clock go to on the pump start relay--thanks
  6. bdb

    bdb LawnSite Member
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    The diagram should be on the cover of the relay. But the two little yellow ones go to the clock - C and P/MV As far as the line voltage 110/220 it doesn't matter. Also hunter recommends that the relay is 15 feet from the controller and/or the pump.
  7. lawnguy712

    lawnguy712 LawnSite Member
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    the wires are still hooked up at the clock--the wires from the clock to the PSR are disconnected--where do they hook up to?
  8. Wet_Boots

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    Get a multimeter and figure out your relay with it.
  9. SWD

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    I think what you are asking is where in the PSR the common and master wire hook up?
    Provided this is what you want, then underneath the four terminal power block are four much smaller terminals.
    Polarity isn't an issue so one wire goes to one terminal and the other to the second terminal below the first.
    Check and make sure the wires are not wired to the same terminal as it is in a block type configuration as the power blocks above.
    However, there should be a diagram on the cover of the terminal - if there isn't acquire one from the Hunter website.
    If there is and you still can't figure it out, welllll, maybe a career change is in order.
  10. Dirty Water

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    A relay is about the simplest thing in the world to wire, so if you can't figure that out your in real troube :)


    I found this on the net.

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