Form letter or mag article for fert price increase needed

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    Does anyone have a form letter they are willing to share that explains why fertilizer prices have gone up. My form letters tend to be long winded like my posts and I am having trouble explaining the increases in a letter that wont loose the attention of the customer.

    I understand the price increases are due to a six degrees of separation type explanation.........the increased demand for ethanol based fuels placing a higher demand on corn crops creating a higher demand on fertilizer creating a supply and demand situation for us etc. But how do you explain that in a short letter? Maybe I should just state it and roll the dice that they will understand
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    Hey Fert,

    i think a simple, my fertilizer costs have gone up X % is sufficient. People are intelligent. It's not hard for them to draw their own conclusions based on fuel prices alone. Maybe you don't really need to describe why fert has gone up.
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    Send them a copy of JD Lesco's price increase piece.

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    That is perfect thanks for the post. Pretty much says it all.

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