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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by germann, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. germann

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    Where can I find a good form to leave the customer that tells what was done-ie pre-em, weed control, fertilizer; the rate applied, and other info. required by law that is not an invoice.
    A carbon copy form would be nice-especially one that is a door hanger or not a full 8.5 by 11. I've checked nebs etc. but am not having much luck. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot.
  2. Rob T

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    Gro Pro. Look at Item #324.
  3. kickin sum grass

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    Gro Pro? can u expand. I could not find a web site for gro pro that involved lawn treatments of any kind. If you have a web address I would be interested in checking them out.
  4. Casey

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    You might want to check with your state ag or county extension, in Nebraska we can get a form off of the internet that would double as a form to leave with the customer something you can file.
  5. Turfdude

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    Here's what we go with:

    Client Name: Date: Time:

    Client Address: Technician:

    Today we made the following application(s) to your property:

    • _____ Fertilizer
    • _____ Pelletized Lime
    • _____ Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
    • _____ Broadleaf Weed Control
    • _____ Grub Control
    • _____ Insect Control
    • _____ Fungus Control

    _____ Water Lawn at least 1” over every area and keep off until dry.
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    We suggest to:

    _____ Keep off lawn until dry, usually one hour.
    _____ Remove sign after 24 hours.
    _____ Increase / Decrease frequency of watering.
    _____ Raise / Lower mowing height.
    _____ Sharpen mower blade.


    I don't know why you'd have to give the mix rate or lbs a.i. per 1000 for your clients though.


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