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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr.Ziffel, Sep 23, 2000.

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    Hello all. I'm finishing up my second full season caring for a 40 ac. farm which used to be a hobby and is now a lifestyle. I work from a home [farm] office part-time and on the farm the rest of the time. Our goal is to present a perfectly-groomed, Kentucky horse farm manicured look to which we're getting closer each year. Sorry for not posting this in the how did you get started area, but I'll go there now with my equipment, etc. -- I just wanted to introduce myself and prepare you for the onslaught of questions I've been holding back while I read your posts.

    Will M.

    [I think Mr. Ziffel was the pig farmer on Green Acres]
  2. Mowman

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    Welcome, here at lawnsite you will learn a great deal of useful information. I'm sure after caring for 40acres of grass I'm sure you could also share information with us on taking care of a 10,000 sq. ft. lawn HA HA!!!!!! Again Welcome to Lawnsite. Enjoy!!!!!!
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    Welcome....... Glad you made it to the other side, Looking forward to your insite.
  4. Charles

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    Hows Arnold Ziffel the tv watching pig doing?

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