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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rodney Johns, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. Rodney Johns

    Rodney Johns LawnSite Member
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    I read a similar thread about what a good book might be to read right now?

    I had to put in a seperate thread just to say there is help in the form of a text. Information that would answer 5 of the questions on this page alone.

    Not with the insite that is provided on this web page but good stuff for all aspects of the industry.

    Professional Landscape Management by David Hensley is probably one of the most all inclusive texts out there for guys with lots of questions. I have read it front to back.....and referred back even from time to time.

    It has formulas and ideas on estimating, calculating overhead, mowing, pruning, customer relations, and more.
    I just thought it was worth a read for anyone who has the time to really learn some tips.

    For what it's worth.....
  2. stslawncare

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    from DE
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    sounds very educational esp to someone like me, how much does it sell for?
  3. Rodney Johns

    Rodney Johns LawnSite Member
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    My sticker says only $28.00 although it has been a while. I would have paid $50 for what it says.

    You could probably find it at a University book store, but I would think you could order it at any Barnes and Noble.
  4. cantoo

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    Come on now Cantoo.... Be nice ( I know sometimes its hard )

    Comments like these, funny as they may be tend to stir up flaming discusssions and just leaves a bad taste in the end.

    Email me directly at if you want to comment.

  5. gogetter

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    I only have one book so far, but it's a good one. Owen Dells, How To Start A Home Based Landscaping Business.

    I'll have to look for the one Rodney mentioned.
  6. hubb

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    This link should bring you to the page on Amazon where you can order this book. If not just go to and do a search on it. I just ordered it. I couldn't find it on Barnes and Noble's site. Amazon is going to take a while to send it out to me, but I think it might just be worth it. Right now I'm reading a book called "Money Secrets of the Self-Employed". Its really a good read for anyone thinking of telling the 'man' to shove it and venture out on their own. My mother in law gave it to me for Christmas. I guess she wants me to have all my ducks in a row before I take this final step this summer. I thought I did but now that I read this I have found I had to tie up a few loose ends. It really helps to have someone else's insight when they too did the same thing that I'm getting ready to do.
  7. Propdoc

    Propdoc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 48 is selling it for $21.44 right now.

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