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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by ftw_lawncareguy, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. ftw_lawncareguy

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    Anyone in the Fort Worth,TX area?
  2. bohiaa

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  3. Eden's Gardener

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    Well, i'm out southeast of big D. ;) My furthest acct. west is in Duncanville. Did ya'll get some rain out there today? I think we got a whopping 1/2 inch out here. We'll take what we can get, eh?
  4. southtx

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    I think we got about the same as you edens. Im in san antonio where we need the rain bad.
  5. ftw_lawncareguy

    ftw_lawncareguy LawnSite Member
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    rain or not itz not like itz reall goin to help any
  6. Jakes

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    Hi Lawncareguy, We are from SWFW, I've been mowing for 18 years now and have about 650 weekly customers, will be close to 800 by year end, We also do Landscaping and Irrigation as well. We are located on Kingswood Dr. and Hulen in the candleridge addition right next door too that fertilizer company! I cant remember the name of it...oh yeah it's Lesco. Ha . Anyway I found this site and it's pretty cool, It's fun to interact with others big or small.
    How many other FW lawn Guys are on here? See ya and Happy mowing
    Oh my company name is Jake's Lawn Care!

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