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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by The Ripper, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. The Ripper

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    Can you please respond as to whether you would like to have a forum that we can use to discuss our problems, concerns and questions related to doing government contract work? We do City, State, and County work and would like to discuss with others what issues they have come across and what some of the tricks are that they have learned as well as what we have experienced. If this would interest you please respond to this thread.
  2. RHayden

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    Could be interesting and beneficial. Would be some differences in state regs of course but would be nice to have the opportuntiy to compare notes.
  3. twj721

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    Sounds cool to me Thinking about next year doing nothing but the local school dist and the local city that I have took care of for the last 3 years and my 2 church property that way I do not have to keep up with all the different sales tax for each customer do not mind the customer it is the paper work that goes with them . Twj
  4. The Ripper

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    Look at this.......
  5. american groundskeeper

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    Yes iwould like to see a forum about working for a goverment. I worked for the Army corp of engineers and was ready to give up after trying to wade through the paper work. We really need to pool our resources to give other small operators a chance at this very profitable side of our business.
  6. american groundskeeper

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    OK I just spent two weeks going through the paper work to become a vendor for the federal government.

    It is tough but the work seems to a huge opportunity. We need to share this around. Lets get with it.

    The government wants small business to take on this work, It usually means over $25000 and under $6.500,000 course this may not be enough tp get your attention.

    It does get mine and I am willing to share lets hear from you.
  7. Kate Butler

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    Gets my attention, too. I've done some state work - no problems ... but the paperwork drove me over the edge. I'd love to know some tricks of the trade to make working for the feds easier.
  8. american groundskeeper

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    I would start by looking at every contract that is let by the goverment is posted on

    Do a couple of searches and find a job that you may feel like you could do or direct. You can subcontract you know.

    Mean while gather up your bank account numbers,SSN and get ready to "gulp" start the paper work.

    Listen they are the nicest most helpful people you could ask for just call them and talk. They stayed on the phone with us for 2-3 hours at a time and didn't't seem to think a thing about it.

    Your first step is to go to and complete Vendor and Contractor Registration and get your DUNS Number as you do that you will get your codes that you use to set up your searches.

    You will need to call the Fed TeDS op support team for help at 1-866-618-5988 they will become your new best friend.

    Now get to it

    Let me know if I can help
  9. american groundskeeper

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    Well I hate to say it but there has been a lot of money made since my last posting TWO years ago. I continue to reap the benfits I hope you join me the is a lot of money to be made.
  10. TheUfan

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    Little help buddy. I would love to get in on the gov action but I am at a loss for info how to start. Mostly residential but itching to go all commercial/industrial.

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