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Do we have any forum users that are working in the same neighborhood?

Would you find it more threatining to post your REAL opinions if there were??

Would you tell the friendly competition in your area about this site? Why and Why not?

I think this one will have some good responses, lets take some stands on these topics and see where it goes.

Just trying to stir up some new discussions guys, hope this helps!



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Sugarland, TX
Yeah David,

The reason why people are whinning so much about not making enough money is because of the lack of business sense in the industry. It may be you, it may be your competition, but either way, if one of you has bad business sense in this industry you're both screwed. The more educated my competition is, the more we both make.

This is not a typical industry where you can look at a bad competitor and say "great, you'll eventually get weeded out by capitalism!". Because as soon as you think he's gone, he's back again, only he's a couple years younger and wearing a different baseball cap. Simply, the barrier to entry is too low. What do we do? Whine? Sure... or we help to raise the barrier.



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I've told my 4 closest lawn cutting friends about this forum. #1 has no computer,#2 has computer but no internet access, #3 & #4 have no intrest in the forum. Its their loss!

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South Bend, IN
We have a great municipal compost facility, they let commercial operators dump for a fee, and I'm often meeting newer guys there. Fellow today had needed a tool to get his tailgate open to dump, and we talked. He's using a new 60" Dixie so I gave him this address and Eric's, so he could check on double blade setups. Have given lawnsite address to others, and got them to post it at local Lesco.
If you've been in this business for more than ten yrs, you shouldn't have to worry about any competition, or you're in the wrong business. Any accounts I have lost or given up in the last 15 yrs were replaced within a month.
When I wanted direction, I went to the maintenance manager of the largest company in the county, and he spent half a day with me, no charge, because he wants to see the industry upgraded. His help really got me on my way, and if anyone asks me for info, I'm not afraid to help them.
Sorry, Guido, can't think of anything real agitating.;)


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Hey guys stay cool!! I don't want this to turn into an arguement!!

I posted this after someone wouldn't post some marketing info because they were scared of someone in their area finding out "their secret". Which wasn't really a secret at all, sorry!!

I agree with GREENLAWNCARE in that if we educate each other, and learn together, it will benefit all of us.

Hope this heads in a better direction!



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Northern NJ
Here is an idea,

"Lawnsite.com" bumperstickers for our trucks and trailers.

On a side note, I saw another guys truck a few towns away, and there was a sign on the front above the cab on the bed that said "Landscapers Keep America Beautiful" with an American Flag on it. Made me happy seeing someone with that attitude. It would also make a great sticker for our trucks and trailers. Showing some pride !



Good idea.! What do you guys think about that?

If any of you want some "business cards" that promote LawnSite.com let me know and I will send you a stack. I have a lot left over from the Expo.


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SE Pennsylvania
Sounds like a great idea...except I don't know if I wanna put a sticker on my nice shiny bumper. Might put it on my mower though. :)

Chuck...I'll e-mail you my address for some cards.