Found a good rate on healt insurance!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by newleaflandscape, Jan 28, 2004.

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    Just though I would share with you guys I gtta really decent price on health insurance, since I know this is a delema alot of us have. I am now getting it through John Alden. Cost for one single employee is 149.25 a month and for a employee with spouse is 343.05. You have a copay of twenty dollars for the doctor and either 15 or 25 depending on prescriptions. Only drawback is if you have a major surgery you have to pay one grand out of pocket deductible. The way I figure it though that isnt bad considering what you save in a year. We had blue cross blue shiled and was paying 332 a month for a single employee. They have all kinds of different plans and have some even cheaper plans if you want the out of pocket to be 2000 and prescriptions to be 25 and fifty. I think that runs 112 a month. So for all you guys that want to offer your employees some kind of health insurance but didnt wanna drop seven grand a year on them this might be a real nice plan for ya.
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    Are you(the owner) considered an employee and covered also?
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    Hi Newleaflandscape,

    Do you have a web link for this?
  4. TJLC

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    I'm not sure if this is right or not but I did a search for "John Alden" on Google and found what I believe to be the company webpage. Hope this helps.
  5. newleaflandscape

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    Yup I am considered an employee. I dont have a weblink, because I got hooked up with them through michigan chamber of commerce. All my stuff is supposed to be faxed to me sometime before mid next week when they get it all done and ill let you know if there is a web link for it.
  6. CHAN

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    I carry bcbs on my employees here in ala. and it is for single at 128.00 every two months w/tobacco user. Mine is family plan at 588.00 every two months and that is at age 49. That seems high but then I get mine through alfa or farm bureau as it use to be. Checked direct through bcbs and it was twice that much. Check and see who else sells the bcbs in that state and get there price.
  7. newleaflandscape

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    wow chan that is fantastic. I called three different places and the cheapest rate i got an a single employee was 301 a month. After the "medical background checks" ended up at 332. That price was cheaper by ten percent then anyone because of the discount I got by being member of farm bureau. I wonder if you are getting that rate only cause of a different state. After seeing that rate im getting ticked.
  8. CHAN

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    There are diff. prices in diff states I am told. Are u sure that it is monthly there or every other month. Here it is every other month. Keep checking.
  9. newleaflandscape

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    No thats every month i know because i have been paying it.
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    Health Insurance!!! - Let me tell you an interesting story!

    I went to school with a degree in finance. while in school started a lawn company, (which grew quicker than I could handle). When I graduated, sold my customer list and used my degree to become a financial planner!!! I happen to live in MI and part of financial planning is Health Insurance! I have a working relationship with John Alden and sell health insurance and other tax/insurance/investment strategies for small businesses. Only thing I don't carry is Property & Casualty insurance.

    I miss the lawn business and being outdoors!! Starting up from scratch again this summer, and seeing where it takes me! - Too bad there aren't 14 days in a week....two jobs will keep me busy!

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any insurance/financial questions or would like a

    Happy Mowing.

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