Found an e-clip off my mower

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    I always blow the clippings and dust off my mower when I finish mowing......yesterday, I found an e-clip about 1" in diameter laying on the driveway after I blew the mower off and I can't see where it goes???

    I took the clip by my dealer and asked the service guys if they knew where it went, they thought it came off the deck lift bars, so I checked, the 4 e-clips on the deck lift bars are in place and the clip I found is a bit smaller than those.

    This mower only has 8 hours on it and I sure don't want something to come unglued and damage the mower!!!

    Any other ideas???
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    If I am not mistaken you have a 54" Hustler Z Diesel?
    If so the e-clip on the deck lift assemblies amounts to 7 of them, take a look at your parts manual and you will see this, you can double check the location of all of them.
    Here is a link to your parts manual >
    Look on page 4-2
    The clip size is 1.00 X .625 X .050 and those are the only 7 places we use it on that mower.
    I am not aware of anywhere else on your mower we use a e-clip.


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