Found answer to spewing fuel in carb, must read, rare type

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by shopteacher, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Learn from this:
    There is an interim Carb set up Briggs used between models on the 17 horse Twin II. It has a rare gasket my mentor had rarely seen over years and years of sales and service, and he's a cert. Mechanic.
    Trust me, this guy knows engines.

    Any way, This thing was vomiting fuel like no other. I had cleaned it, inspected it, several times. New fuel pump kit, dissasssembled at least 6times. This was a real stumper.

    Solution: where the fuel pump bolts to the carb there is a "hidden" vent that was plugged. It didn't look like a vent, but I persisted in "opening it" because I swore it was a casting mark or something, but was out of other options.

    Any way, The model is 42a707. type: 2238e1 code: 0003235a

    Feels good to finally solve this.
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    Help me teacher, I have the exact same problem. But I can't find the "hidden" vent you speak of. Can you be more specific about where it is? I have installed rebuild kit and float. I've had it apart 4 or 5 times to clean and recheck, everything looks good but after about 10-15 seconds of running, it starts spewing and dies. This one has not been fun. Thanks!!

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