Found future Walker midmount ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNPROzII, Jan 22, 2004.


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    Walked into the dealer where I bought my two walkers, going to get a midmount ZTR this year. So anyways went to price their Ferris mowers, to my suprise I see bright yellow midmount, so I enquire about it. The name is Ever Ride out of Nebraska and the distributer where they get the Walker mowers is marketing these mowers. Supposedly what the dealer was saying is that Walker was more than likely going to buy this company to get into the midmount market. They look pretty nice 25hp Kaw, 52'' deck $7300, Neat looking chassis. Anyways thought I'd spread some gossip, we'll see if it ever amounts to anything and Walker buys them out.
  2. Mowingman

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    The Walker distributor must be the one out of Great Bend Kansas. They also handle Texas. I would be surprised if Walker could buy the company that makes Everides. It is owned in part by Kubota. They also make a lot of farm equipment, and I doubt that Walker wants to get into that business. I suppose they could buy the rights to the Everide machine, or have the existing company build them for Walker. That would give Everide access to all the existing Walker Dealers.:confused:
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    I don't think buying someone else's design is Walkers style. they have been building their mowers their way for a long time. If they build a m mid-mount I bet it will be their one unique design just like their walkbehinds are unique.

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