Found nice Cab over........Hey Victor!!!


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What do you think......its 95 Diesel with 14 ft box....looks over all good shape. Needs muffler,looked like radiator leak as well. Has 123000 miles on it. Not sure if parts are expensive for this.
I want to install ramp on back like Victor has on his rig, and basically turn into maint rig. Guy selling this truck wants $6800. I figure the ramp system is about $1200 then a repaint, another $1200(Co. colors)
Also do you have a link for the ramp system you bought for your truck? Im hoping to pick this thing up in a few days....Spring is around the corner!!! Thankx for your in


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I'm glad you decided to look for a cab-over truck. When you find the right one for you, it will be a very rewarding experience. That I'm sure of. I'd recommend looking through the postings at ""

Without being able to look at the truck you mentioned, and give it a close going over, I can't accurately tell you if it would be a good idea to buy it, or not. I can tell you this though. All of the parts for these trucks are very expensive. Just so you know. The radiator in that truck is $951.93, and the muffler will run you $108.06.

Without being able to see the truck, I wouldn't recommend getting that particular truck. I'm not sure how much you're budgeted for, but if you can possibly afford one. I'd recommend looking at a 99, or newer model, if you're going to buy an NPR. I don't want to scare you off, but the transmissions that Isuzu put in their NPRs before the 99's came out, are notorious for letting go when they have just about the amount of milage on them that you're talking about. Some of the trannies in the older trucks hold together just fine though, so it's a crap shoot. Because of this problem though, Isuzu changed over to using Aison (big, strong unit used in some pretty darn big trucks) trannies in their 99, and newer models. These Aison trannies are just one, or two notches down from an Allison tranny in strength, if that says anything about them. They also started putting the "4HE1" series diesel engines in them. These engines are rated at 175hp when mated to the OD auto tranny. When they are mated to the manual tranny, they only put out 142hp. Therefore, I'd highly recommend going with the auto tranny provided it's in a 99, or newer truck. The trucks made before 99 had the 4BD2 series diesel engines in them, and were rated at 135hp. These are the engines that you might have heard people complain about having a lack of power. Some people think they have enough power, but it just depends on the person really.

Just so you know. My ramps were $2650. I didn't buy them directly from Handy ramp though. I bought them from NC Ramp Systems (a distributor). They had them for a better price than Handy Ramp was selling them for. My ramps come in 10, and 12 foot long models. I opted for the 12 foot model, and am glad I did. I did modify my ramps though. I didn't like some things about them, when I first got them, and decided to make some changes. That was my personal opinion though.

Well, I hope I didn't discourage you too much. I think you'll be better off knowing these things before you lay your hard earned money down for a truck. I hope my info helped you out. Believe me. The last thing you want to do is buy a truck like this, that's not gonna be reliable. It gets to be awfully expensive if you have to start throwing parts at these trucks. Just be sure to take care of the truck you get, and I'm sure it will take care of you.


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