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    A passive security sweep found one of these about a month ago and fool heartedly breached the mud like outer casing. Quick reflex and action promptly destroyed 2 or more small arachnid type creatures that quickly rushed forward. This effective but heavy handed response unfortunately made post mortem identification impossible due to a lack of any discernable structure or tissue.

    A month passed and a similuar sweep came upon another attached to a single needle on an Alberta spruce in inventory. Proleminaries show an egg type housing unit and the materials appeared to be a mud saliva mixture. So far the original mud seal has continued to hold the horrors inside but I believe they are growing anxious if not suspicious.

    Help with identification will be looked at most graciously. If a need is suggested to breach the mud casing to obtain further photographics please state so and it will be given thorough consideration after security and containment procedures are drafted and put in place.

    Thank you once again.



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    Some mud daubers build a round nest and reportedly stock it with live spiders -instead of paralyzed spiders - before laying an egg. The spiders are food for their offspring.
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    Thank you friend. Your educated hypothesis turned out to be outstandingly correct. Upon dicection of the mud casing I found what the photographs show below.

    Interestingly, I did not encounter any spiders during this very complicated procedure. I believe the spiders had already became meals as it appears quite developed.

    I hazard the assumption that Dauber jr has been deceased for some time related to the spruce being overwintered in an unheated shelter with temperatures dropping to high 30s at times.

    I will send condolences to the Dauber family. Thank you again, friend.

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