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foundation watering system?


LawnSite Senior Member
We live in North Texas and have alot of shifting of the foundation because of the change in moisture of the ground. Now we have soaker hoses buried all around the house. A local landscape contractor told me about a system that has moisture sensors. The contractor didn't know the name of the system. Anyone ever hear of something like this?


LawnSite Member
Mostly clay, very expansive. Cracks hundres or thousands of foundations. Most new houses are now built with post tension slabs. The foundations in and of themselves aren't the big problem. I believe the biggest problem is the poor quality that most fill dirt is laid in the lots. Anyway, There are a lot of foundation probs here and we do water our foundations through out N. Texas.


LawnSite Senior Member
Southern LA
You can add soil moisture automation to any irrigation controller that has a rain sensor terminal. The Irrometer Co.(www.irrometer.com) has such a devise called the Watermark. Check with any local irrigation distributor in Texas.