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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by xtreem3d, Sep 15, 2010.

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    hey guys,
    did a 3000 gallon round foutain in my driveway that has 3 2000 GPH pumps set in a tight triangle in the middle. i have it pumping up 3 32" stone "pillars' that are drilled out in the middles and it comes out the top in a single stream . i like the look of what i would call an "aerated stream" , sort of "fluffy and white " looking. i am running 1" hose through the stone pillars. what i need to know there something i can use in a 1 inch dia. hose to "aerify the water instead of a stream (like would come out of as hose)?
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    I am not absolutely sure that it would give the effect that you are looking for, but adding a venturi valve to the flow pipes may possibly work. I know Laguna manufactures them, but don't know in what sizes.
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    Stumbled here by chance. All I can suggest is what I have seen in my aquarium setup. An air tube piped into the 1" that would allow air to be pulled in. Now what I couldn't tell you is the optimum distance from the discharge. The right size or angle. Whether it needs a check valve. How high it needs to be in relation to the water. All I can guess is that it would be best to take in the air right at the point of pressurization. If by some chance you try this send me a PM with the results.

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