Discussion in 'Water Features' started by stxkyboy, May 28, 2003.

  1. stxkyboy

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    I want to create a water feature in which the water bubles up into an area that has gravel/rock which is all relativelly level. It is suppossed to create a japanese garden feel. Any ideas, pics suggestions?? Thanks
  2. the scaper

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    hey, i'm new at this , see my thread (sales potential?), but anyway, i've been looking at alot of books on the water garden subject and as far as japanese, or chinese theme (not sure which it was) i saw some neat pictures where they had bamboo shoots tied together and the feeder hose inserted into the shoot for the fountain head. it looked like a handmade bamboo springhead trickling water valve sort of thing that you might find in a jungle somewhere or possibly on guiligans island. sorry i cant post any kind of pics, i dont have a digital. i saw these pics in a water garden book at home depot. mabey my description will give you a possible idea to start with anyway. good luck.

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