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    What does the soil look like with four pounds bluegrass seed per thousand square feet? At about 2,000,000 seeds per pound, I calculated bluegrass at one pound per thousand would be about 14 seeds per square inch--and that--4 pounds per thousand would be about 56 seeds per square inch. I used a a ring from a milk bottle (just over a square inch in area) to picture this.

    Then I calculated at perennial rye at 250,000 seeds per pound, applied at 10 pounds per thousand sqft would be about 17 seeds per square inch.

    I counted them out and took pictures. Maybe this will help someone.

    It is best to do this yourself and take pictures--as your seeds may have a higher seed count. You may want to use a different rate or compensate for lower germination.

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    Definitely puts it in a visual perspective. Thanks

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