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  1. jud149

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    The directions for carb hi speed adjustment on my Echo state, "turn screw ... until engine runs smoothly without four-stroking under load". Can someone explain what this means?
  2. Mikes Machines

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    In a nutshell turn the mixture screw out until it runs rough then turn it in until it runs smooth. Now the long version. A two stroke engine fires every time the piston goes to the top, the first stroke, then when the piston goes back down this is the second stroke. Hence the term two stroke. A four stroke fires only once in four strokes or every other time the piston goes to the top. What they want you to do is make the carb so rich the engine will not fire every time. This makes it sound like a four stroke hence the term four stroking.
  3. fixer67

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    Do what Mikes Machines says
    If you run a 2-cycle too lean you will over heat and melt the engine. That is why they want you to run it on the rich side. I have seen a lot of 2-cycles destroyed by people running them too lean.

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