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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by ACA L&L, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Only the obvious figured out. As you don't hire an office manager when you need a book keeper.
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    Tired of your business not growing fast enough?

    That $100,000 spent on a franchise spent on advertising will get any business a lot of customers. Then you don't have to pay 3% of your gross every year.

    and if your turn over is 200k then you can spend 4k a year on advertising and 2k on a holiday
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    That last sentence is gold. I can't think of any instance when my bid wasnt the top, starting out (2011) was kinda slow but now that I have somewhat created a brand and having higher prices paid off and will continue to do so in the future. I foind this thread when I searched franchises but never found one about Spring Green. They want me to purchase an existing franchise as the current owner is retiring. I can still keep my existing company and will have an employee handle all ops if I were to purchase the Spring Green Franchise. Plus I could double market, get the fert for SG and advertise my company (full service maint & install) to the existing 450+ clients. If I can obtain financing for it I think I may go for it. Does anyone have any insight on owning a Spring Green franchise?
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    So what franchise did you own?
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    old proverb says...."the only person who makes money with a franchise situation is the person selling the franchise"......
    No matter how you slice it, there are now TWO companies eating at the trough....yours and theirs......i shy away from them and I get calls frequently from the Grounds Guys
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    You've pretty much summed it up, most of the guys on here are small time, grossing less than 500.000 if you want to get over the million mark you'd better have a system or systems that can handle it, I'd bet that 98% on here don't have a clue as to how to get to the million mark, Not that I do, but at least I'm able to admit it. A franchise is not a golden rod but it enables you to put the systems in place to get a lot further a lot quicker. I've talked to over a hundred franchisees from all sorts of business over the last year or so, and they all said the same thing, they couldn't have gotten as far as they did as fast as they did on their own, and YES they would do it again. I've yet to meet one franchisee that had to put 100K to get started. All the ones that have been in business for over 5 years are grossing at least 750K I've been in business for five years now and am not even close to that. Systems work! if you work them properly.and most guys in this industry would benefit immensely from being in a system, whether they want to admit it or not, but for the most part their ego won't let them.
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    If you are determined to reach the 7, 8, 9 figures (like myself), you'll need to educate yourself on how. Just recently, Ive spent several hours a week reading books such as E Myth, just finished Green Side Up, & started Pricing For The Green Industry. Theyre all about implementing systems into your business which is basically what I think about every day, all day, especially when I'm in the field doing whatever it may be, mowing, aerating, installing a hardscape, etc., the most effective way to get myself out from working in the field so I can grow my business to what I want It to be.

    Maybe it's possible to get out of the field faster with a franchise, however I'd rather build my own brand, that could possibly one day become a franchise.
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    Buddy of mine bought a franchise worked it for 6-7 years learned the ropes of building, implementing and working systems, sold it and started his own brand, advised me to do the same. Being that I've already been at this for five years, I don't think it would take me long to learn, I read read read also but it's not the same as actually doing and implementing. Books make everything seem peachy and easy, in reality it's very hard and VERY VERY expensive to implement systems. Like I said a franchise may not be the golden rod to success but I do believe it's a viable step in the right direction.
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    Would someone enlighten us as to why US lawns is better than GG's? For those that think it cost 100K to start a franchise would be WRONG!

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