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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by jd boy, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Either way if your a top twenty company on either side of the fence, your a multi -million dollar company so who cares! How long did it take the non franchised company to get to the multi million level VS the franchised company? Ask a McDonald's franchisee if he could have done the same thing on his own in the same amount of time? NOT!
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    cpllawncare ,
    I can see why you think that but if you look at the lawn and landscape top 100 list less then ten percent of the companies are franchises and thats with there total revenue combined from many locations , combined they add up enough to make the list, by themselves very few would make the list if any.
    Franchises make you think they have all the answers they prey on the fact that you need help, They know exactly what to say at the exact moment. Its called the "halo effect" its easy to be blinded cause we all want a silver bullet to solve our needs, there simply isnt one!!!!!
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    As a rule of thumb, nn terms of "success vs. failure" there are safeguards in place when you're under the protective umbrella of a franchise, as opposed to more risk of going it alone.
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    wasn't what I was comparing, but i'll say it the not so nice way.. I was saying that I bet some people who are bashing franchises have a 1994 dodge two mowers and net worth of 50k. not that there is anything wrong with that, some people like to be a solo op is fine. IMO unless your pulling down 2+ mil I don't think you can bash franchises because you don't know the systems involved to grow to that level. where possibly a good franchise could give you all the right tools to do it quicker. im sure there are some crappy franchises out there, but to lump them all together is wrong.... I would *assume* if you could tap into some of valleycrests knowledge thru buying a us lawn franchise that would be a home run but idk anything about it..

    on a side note I am looking for another business to diversify into, looked into franchises. out of the 100's (most are crap and im amazed they get people to buy in) I've looked at I only considered one and my area was already taken..
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    One thing is you can't compare franchises to non franchises, there aren't enough landscape franchisee's as a whole as compared to solo guys or small time operations, most guys either aren't financially able to buy into a landscape franchise or aren't business savvy enough to properly evaluate weather a franchise is or isn't the right move for them. I mean if I went by what was on here about franchising I wouldn't buy one either, so far I've read so much false information it's scary. I was smart enough to do my own due diligence and not believe what I read in the net. Each person has to make his own choice, it's not for everyone, but neither is being a business owner.

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