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    TGCL has corp. and franchise ops.
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    Hi GreatBigTuna,

    What about the book "eMyth revisited by Michael Gerber" stood out for you? What was the most valuable thing(s) you learned from it?
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    The thing that really stands out about Gerber's book is the candidness and pointedness of it. Alot of what he says is common sense, but the type of common sense that when you read it you say to yourself, "why haven't I ever looked at things this way before." There is a lot of information in the book, but it really boils down to four main points. The first is to determine your primary aim in life. Second is to determine the difference between an entrepeneur and a technician, the third is developing repeatable processes and the fourth is planning. Obviously I can't go into great detail here because of limited time and space, but the book provides a lot of practical advice and alot of opportunity for self assessment. I had someone recommend the book to me a few years back and I have become somewhat of a Gerber disciple as was the friend who recommended to me and quite a few that I have turned on to it. I hope I'm not making it sound too cult like, but it really seems that it is an "epiphany" type a book for a lot of people. Check it out, I haven't found anyone yet that hasn't liked it.
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    Thanks GreatBigTuna for your insight. I am sure others reading this appreciate it as well.
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    It's not a francise, but call Brian at 1-800-lawncare. I think this is what your looking for. Let me know what you think. How would you like to have a 800 number, here's your chance.

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