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  1. Bulls_mowing

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    Has anybody ever thought about franchising there business and taking on the bigger companies
  2. nobagger

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    Iv'e had the opportunity to merge with a company, sort of a partner but it didn't work out. After going through 2 months of needless paperwork (and me doing most of the work) for bidding we finally had it and never really pursued it any further. we still remain friends to this day spite all the crap.
  3. green_mark

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    Yes, Don't like it. Seems like everyone looses in a franchise.

    I did something extremely different and it makes everyone more $$$ and that what its all about!

    You are "Down Under" Don't know how your laws are. It maybe that franchising will still work for you.

    Best advise. Talk to a few franchise owners and see what they like and dislike. Then make adjustments to your plans to better benefit everyone.

    Some franchises focus only on their own profits and could care less what happens to you. Just don't focus on your rewards. Focus on the franchises success and as a result you will also be successful.

    Good Luck

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