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    Frankie's Lawn & Landscape was started in 06-07 after working for other companies for about 15 years between sports and college. Then continued on after college. I found it very satisfying being able to be outside and be able to help people while making a humble living. So, I decided to make a career out of this.

    My company is based in Hernando, MS which is in North Mississippi about 15 minutes south of Memphis, TN.

    We provide commercial and residential lawn and landscape maintenance; landscape design and installation; low voltage lighting; irrigation and drainage solutions... And everything involved with these. This, just to name a few.

    When I began, I bought a Toro Proline 37 walk behind, a Red Max 8001 blower, and Stihl Kombi system to use as weedeater or hedge trimmer. I had a 5x10 single axle and a 90 2wd Toyota pickup.

    I managed to keep growing over the years through busting my tail and finding great employees who were honest and willing to work toward my goals with me.

    My next step was a bigger trailer, Gravely 144z, full size GMC truck and extra blowers and weedeaters to cut down on time.

    We continued on with bigger, better equipment while providing quality work to all of our customers at what we believe to be a fair price.

    6 years later, the company holds several yearly contracts for HOA's and larger private properties, as well as a full schedule of weekly and biweekly properties. We are very busy for most of the year, but I am always looking to grow my business. I would like to provide the best service possible for my customer base while providing a relaxed, structured, and lucrative environment for my employees, myself, and all of our families.

    Currently, we are running all GRAVELY Zero turn mowers which stand up to the name of "workhorse". I love these mowers. I use a 144z, Pro Turn 148, and and a Pro Turn 252. All Red Max weedeaters and blowers, and Stihl or Shindawa hedge trimmers. We have once again upgraded to an Isuzu NPR cab over with a 14ft box and dovetail.

    **I would love to have Double this setup at the moment, as our truck has been overflowing and the work keeps coming!

    I am looking to buy another Isuzu NPR with a small 12-16ft dump for landscaping, debris cleanup, and a nice leaf removal setup. This will probably also double as a second mowing truck during the growing season... We will pull a trailer for that.

    As before mentioned, we are always looking to grow and I am always open to advice, opinions and suggestions... As long as they are given in a respectful way. I am not here to put anyone down or tell anyone how stupid they are... i am here to help, so I would appreciate the same.

    With all that said... THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about me!

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    Sounds like you enjoy doing all this. Do you have any work or equipment pictures?
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    Welcome. Seems like you have a lot of experience. I look forward to your input.
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    I'm trying to post photos (jpeg) but the site is saying they are invalid
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    Welcome aboard!

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