Franklin Twp. cemetaries(scrubs)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nitroman, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Nitroman

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    Maybe I should'nt be talking about this, being so specific about the job I mean. But low ballers are ruining this business:nono: .
    Franklin Twp. Indpls., IN cemetery bids were just closed out. I get a call saying I was to high on the bids compared to some of the other guys (one). I ask what thier bid was? I was more than generous on this quotes, someone bid 3/4 lot cemeteries for $25.
    With mowing hazered (hill to steap to stand on). I said to be carefull because the cheapies do crapy work, "yeah- I've had problems before" he says. My thought was why go with someone like that. Some people only care about the lowest price.

    Just because you are busy does'nt make you successful:

    Stop ruining the buis.:angry:

  2. lawnman_scott

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    Would you consider Wal-mart sucessful? More so than Ricks Pharmacy? Did you ever consider that they are better at controling costs than you and can do it for cheaper? Most commercial bids get 3 estimates. Should the third guy be talking about the 2 scrubs that undercut and lowballed him? One of those is you, you know that dont you? Why is it that your lower than him? Did you ever think of that? Is the third guy too expensive, but your not?
  3. Nitroman

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    from indiana
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    I don't care if you have no over head! thats still to cheap.

    I'm Just blow'en off some steam.
  4. Four Star

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    Maybe I'm the only one who isn't bothered by the 'scrubs.' Hell, I was one when I started doing all this. Everyone has to start somewhere. I started mowing lawns for $15, and now, you couldn't get me to walk out of my house for that amount of money. In this business, and in any other business, whatever price you have, someone is going to have a lower one. Thats just the way it is.

    Almost every day there is at least one thread about scrubs. Get over it already. This business is cut throat, and you knew( or should have known) that when you got into all this. Theres plenty of lawns to be mowed, and land to be scaped(so to speak)
    Get out there and find it, and don't worry so much about what the others are doing.
  5. GrassBustersLawn

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    60"dixie - I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!

    Lawnman Scott - You blow it off as he is better able to "control costs".

    I say HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HIS COSTS ARE! And I think that is what 60" dixie is POINTING OUT.

    Similar bid situation here in Indianapolis, IN for 25 CITY FIRE STATIONS. 25 cuts per station, 100 yards of mulch + installation, 150 shrubs trimmed. (4 hours minimum drive time between stations)My bid was $45,000. I was not the highest, which was around $62,000. The WINNER of the bid came in at $19,000. Was it because he was BETTER ABLE TO CONTROL HIS COSTS??? NO. He had NO IDEA WHAT HIS COSTS ARE. LITERALLY. Am I saying this because I'm bitter and should get over it? Because he underbid me? NO, I'm saying it because IF YOU HAVE NO MOWERS YOU CANNOT KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR COSTS ARE! I'll repeat that...You can't know your costs if you don't have any mowers. AND THE WINNING BIDDER for 25 fire stations HAD NO MOWERS! (DUH!!!!)

    The city then moved on to the next lowest bidder ($23,000 per year). He was unable to complete the first mowing. SO, the city moved on to #3 ($25,000). He finished out the year, but had several complaints lodged by the city, so they are rebidding it this year!


    Finally, one segment of the bid was the trimming of 150 shrubs, including debris removal. HOW MUCH PER HOUR DO YOU CHARGE TO TRIM SHRUBS??? This IDIOT quoted $8 per hour. I'll say it again...$8 per hour!!! Obviously he didn't have a hedge trimmer either, or he would have know how expensive the equipment is. (My Shindaiwa cost me $600.) He would have had to work 75 hours just to pay for the trimmer.

    SO, OBVIOUSLY I AGREE WITH 60" dixie, there are some IDIOTS in this business that ARE GETTING CONTRACTS and are driving down the job price for all of us.

    Now is it just "sour grapes" because he under bid me by $26,000? I don't think so. THOUGHTS??

  6. bastalker

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    So whats your point? Part of the biz, an it wont go away...There will always be lowballers, scrubs, whatever...Move on an get customers THAT DONT WANT CHEAP!!!!

    We gonna beat this topic to death anymore?
  7. lawnman_scott

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    i think that someone should awnser the question. is 60 Dixie a lowballer? To the 3rd guy bidding the awnser is yes, correct? He did come in lower. Of course there are idoits, there are in every business.
  8. charlies

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    you bring up 2 very good points.

    1: there always have been and always will be lowballers, yet there are very successful lawn maintenance companies out there who have no problem with this. so don't blame the scrubs.

    2: many people ask how they can get commercial accounts. everyone wants commercial accounts. why? in a great many conference rooms across America, decision-makers consistently choose the low-bidder. that always has been and always will be. and even if you do get a few big ones, do you really want your business to be so dependant on them? they are not very dependable.
  9. IndyPropertyCare

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    Gezzz O'Pete people..... now I'm a lowballer ??? just because I won over 50 commercial bids... I am VERY offended by these types of comments.. I will have you know that our company received the BBB complaint free award for 2003 and we are now on a quest to get it again for 2004 !!!!!

    I'm a scrub !!!! just because I won the bid !!!!!:angry:

    I dont think so.... we are a very respected company here in INDY, and I plan on making it better and better every year.

    "Because we care" & we mean it !!!!!!!
  10. Richard Martin

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    I think that in their minds it gives them a sense of legitimacy in this business. They are doing the commercial work therefore they are one of the "big boys".

    The problem with being one of the big boys is you need to be a middle boy first. The middle boy is where there is the least amount of profit. Labor and costs are way higher than the little guys but they aren't doing enough volume to make a decent profit.

    So while they are a middle boy they sit around pissing and moaning about how they are being underbid by scrubs (which are probably little guys who, due to low overheads, can do the jobs and make money at it) or big boys who can do the work for less due to volume.

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