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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by deere ZTR, Jun 25, 2003.

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    I just got off the phone from this lady and just had to vent. I had this women call a couple days ago about removing some old ever green shrubs seven of them to be exact they were all about six feet tall and dieing and she said she may possibly want to put something back in where they were but wanted to wait and see. So I quote her $250!!! to get rid of these things pretty good deal I thought so anyway the entire time I was there she was going on about her neighbor who drives a FRITO LAY TRUCK and does all his own landscaping blah blah blah and for a home owner who does it all his self he does have a nice looking yard. So I tell I was planing on pulling them out with my 4X4 dump truck (that would be more than enough) and then back filling the holes with black dirt. So she says OK sounds good I'll call you but I want to call my banker first but go ahead and put me in on your schedule and I'll call you tom. Well she calls today leaves a message I call her back and I get all this **** about well my neighbor says that he pulled his bushes out and he pulled the rear end out of his truck and you should dig around them first and blah blah blah and he says that you might damage the sewer or gas line (honorable concern) but I have them all marked before doing anything like that. It continues on like this and he says you might damage my foundation since they are so close to the house and he says $250 sounds high but it doesn't to me another LCO told her $50 an hour or $75 with heavy equip. So I tell her these are all legit concerns and that I have the lines marked first and I have insurance to cover things like that going bad and that I could not see that doing any damage to her foundation and that if I couldn't pull them out I have a back hoe or I could cut them off and then hit them with a stump grinder but then it would be hard to grow anything with the root system still around. Her reply is well who should I call about it doing damage to my foundation I said well call a building contractor and she says I know give me a few weeks and I will call the people we bought the house from they built it and planted the bushes and he would know. She says as she hangs up don't forget about me and I wont forget about you. OK sure CLICK!!!!! :angry:

    I'm not wrong for being pissed about this am I????????
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    umm, deere ztr, i noticed in your profile that you are 20 yrs old. (no problem, i have full respect for you!). however, being one of twice your age, i will point out that to put it mildly, there is a little bit of differance between dealing with a female and dealing with someone who .....well, nevermind, you get the point!
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    Sounds typical of the older set.

    1. Don't tell people how you are going to do it - all they need to know is its state of the art equipment and hand tools (a few scoops to make it look good)

    2. If your post is going to be real long, maybe condense it. Remember, venting must be efficient.
  4. AL Inc

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    I know you are just venting, but move on. Not worth it to get upset over a $250 job. These people that want these small jobs done and then price shop are worthless. Not worth your aggravation.
  5. BSDeality

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    its the age difference. When i come up with a method of doing something, older people are like "are you sure that'll work?" ... "my old guy (name) would do it (like this...)"

    I considered buying out an established business but decided against it because i figured people wouldn't take orders from me (20 also).

    Tell 'er to deal or find a new guy.
  6. GrazerZ

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    Don't let it get to you. $250.00 isn't worth it.

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