freakin tire kickers and pita's!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corey4671, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. corey4671

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    I know this is everyday stuff for some of you guys, but I got two calls today. First one was right off the bat this morning while I was putting a deposit in the night drop at the bank. Guy calls wanting a price to mow his yard. Knew the neighborhood and knew it wasn't ritzy but wasn't the dumps either. Drive out before I get started for the day. About an acre yard, about half dozen trees on north side. Fenced in back yard. Told him $60. He cringes a little bit and I said well that's more than you were expecting wasn't it? He said YEAH. SO I said if you'll let me mow it while I'm here $55. Again he flinches. SO Isay well what do YOU think it's worth...He replies that he usd to pay a guy $25 before gas started going off. NOW I'm hacked off! I tell him that I can't even THINK about coming close to that. He just stands there like he'sexpecting me to come down some more and I tell him that $55 is my final offer. I wrote it down on the back of a business card and told him to call and get some more estimates and that maybe he should try calling his $25 guy back. He said that he had no idea where e was to which I replied that he had probably starved to death and walked back to the truck to start my day.

    Then this afternoon I get a call from a lady who saw my ad in the paper wanting to know if I mow lawns. Well DUH! Says she needs her yard mowed but she can only afford to have the front yard done and that it would have to wait until after the first of the month because she does not have any money right now. I thanked her for her call and told her to call me back after the first of the month. Hey at least she was honest up front about it!!

    Where do these people come from?!?!?! :dizzy:
  2. amor4421

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    I have one customer that only wnts his front yard cut. I charge him 40.00 monthly. It is easy as pie. I also picked up the house right next to him for 80.00 so I think that front yard only mowing is not to bad. Just my thoughts. But I also get alot of estimates like the first one. I give them my price and they look at me if I was speaking french. I just let them know to call if they want it done right, and for a fair price.
  3. corey4671

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    man I hope those are small yards for $10 and $20 a week!
  4. amor4421

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    yeah they are. the front yard only takes me about 10-12- mins to mow,edge,trim blow. they other yard takes me about 25 mins to do the whole thing. I figure that I am making 100.00 a month off those two yards. Down here the average yard is 1/4acre or 1/5 acre real small and quick.
  5. corey4671

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    sweeeeeet. just don't find places like that around here.
  6. Big C

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    I had a guy call me last Saturday, I already had a full schedule for that day beacuse I took my family on vacation the previous 5 this guy called me to mow his was 15 miles outside of town.....I drive out there and knowone is home I waited for 15 min. left several messeges and then I continue my route..just as I pulled up to my next job my phone rings and it is the guy...he tells me that he had to go to the store really quick and missed me...but he wanted me to drive back out to mow his I completed the job I was on and drove back out to is house only to have him call me and tell me never mind his nephew came with is equipment to take care of it.....that was about 1.5 hrs and $15 worth of gas wasted....I was pissed!!!
  7. MowHouston

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    I've quite a few customers this year just wanting the front done. I dont care how small it is, I charge a minimum of $25/service weekly, or $30/bi-weekly.

    Same for townhomes. I'm surprised that they even go for it, but sure enough, they pay for it. Literally there for 15-20 minutes on stuff like that.

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