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    Do you ever wish you could understand your own business a little better and know what you are already doing well and what things you should be working on?

    Do you have 2 or more employees? ( For those of you who do not, don't feel left out--I'll be doing something for solo operators soon as well)

    One important tool that I use with my clients is a detailed Business Effectiveness Evaluation.

    This is a tool to help you understand the strengths and challenges of your business better. It covers marketing, sales, service, and much more.

    I am offering this at no cost to the first 10 people who go to my site and click on the Free Business Evaluation Button and submit their contact information.

    Here is how it works:

    1. Go to and sign for the Free Evaluation on the Front page- -(If you have a twitter account, follow me there as well :))
    2. I will send you the evaluation which you will fill out evaluating many areas of your business (takes about 15-20 mins)--then you send it back to me.
    3. Next, I will compile the information you submitted into a report with graphs and a report card customized for your business
    4. Finally, we will schedule a 30 minute phone call where I will send you the report and will go over the findings with you.

    I am offering this at no charge to 10 people as a service to Lawnsite members and to show the benefits of this invaluable tool.

    Please contact me today and I'll be in touch. I Look forward to hearing from you.
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    This sounds like a great service. What type of feedback did you get from those 10 businesses?

    Keep up the good work


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