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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GeorgiaLawns01, Aug 23, 2002.

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    Someone, Somewhere out there must have a contract I could look at. I am not looking to buy one, especially when I don't know if the info I am looking for is in there or not. I am looking for a real contract that has services broken down, What is being done at what time of the year etc. I am looking for a lot of details. I am very new to this business, and I have never gone through a winter yet, and I am looking to find out what services are typically offered in a yearly contract, so I will know what to emphasize this late in the season. I am in the Rome Georgia area in case there are any competition concerns. Someone, please help out this Newbie!! Or refer me to a place where I can help myself.
  2. CSRA Landscaping

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    Which part of Georgia are you in?
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    not exact ....but is a start ....

    your gonna have to create your own contract related to your specific area and what you personaly wish to provide ....I do suggest to keep it simple at first .....n add more services as you gain experience n confidence

    try to see what do other local services offer ....make some phone calls ....ask what they provide you know anyone that has a company doing their property? ....maybe they can show you what they recieved

    here's mine

    than the legal stuff

    please don't use it word for word ....change it to your area (your not gonna provide 42 visits or you may to charge per cut)

    good luck
  4. Turtle II

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    Thanks for sharing man.

    I like your set-up. Your site is really cool too. It looks like you paid to have you web site made.

    Thanks again for the info and help,,,

    I have much of that stuff in my head, but to see it organized on paper and how others do it really gets the ball rolling.

    Turtle II
    eastern NC:cool:
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    The web site is "winter time" learning n playin ... this winter changes to come (secure members area for customer payment n yearly photo's of every customer spring summer winter photo's)

    All the stuff I use .... I did .... not to say I did not look at others stuff .... I did ....the legal stuff is from local samples, legal advice n ideas from lawn site ....but for the most part all the wording is mine

    You'll do the same'll get n idea to add this or change the wording on what you have as you give more bids .....also look at it from the customer view ...... as you add services or change services so will your "agreement, proposal or contract" ....tinker with it till its just the way you want it ....mine is not perfect but it represents 5 years of little changes
  6. DLS1

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    Hey Fantasy Lawns and whomever else uses contracts. I don't use contracts since I only do homeowner lawns now. Your contract says either party can cancel with 30 day notice. What happens if they don't give 30 days notice? Has that happened to you? Would you spend the time and money to sue someone for only 30 days of pay you would have made mowing their yard? It just doesn't seem worth the effort to have contracts for homeowners since we are talking small amounts of money for 30 days work. I think if your doing good work they will keep you and if not then they will get someone else right away. Am I wrong on this?

    I could see contracts for big commercial accounts which I assume they want you to sign a contract.
  7. vinkcal

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    looking for a free contract
  8. the.hines

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    I am going to bump this old thread up so maybe we can get this started again.
    I am looking for or idea on what to get the customer to sign saying that they will pay for the work that I am goign to do...

  9. ProMo

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    I dont use 30 day cancellation I set mine at 90 days and If contract is broken they owe the balance for the year

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