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Free Fluid Film Samples!


LawnSite Fanatic
$75 for 12 cans (11.75 ounces per spray can) on ebay. No tax and FREE shipping. Worth every penny.


LawnSite Senior Member
Extra :cool2:Extra Read All About it....

It's all about FLUID FILM, the greatest rust and corrosion preventative ever to be made on the face of the earth.

Dont believe me???? I dare you to try it. Oh, wait, on a second thought, I double dog dare you to try it.:weightlifter:

Me and Dano50, my rustbuster Fluid Film partner, are so confident in the product and we encourage you to try it out for FREE...Yes, I said FREE!!!:walking:

In this day and age, NOTHING IS FOR FREE...
We pay for shipping, we pay for ups...all we ask is that you try it out and give us your opinion.

Fluid Film stops existing corrosion on contact.

If you want to see what all the Fluid Film hype is all about, do a search on the forums and Read all about it...:laugh:

Want a free sample? send me a message with a physical address for UPS and the Fluid Film sample can will zoom it's way into your hands....


LawnSite Bronze Member
stuff works great! you wanna be sold nationally by a reputable company? i may be able to lead you in that direction i think this stuff is great