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    CMT (Country Music Television) is producing a show called "The Lawn Angels", a landscaping makeover show. We're desperately looking for families in the greater Nashville area to be considered as the recipient family for our pilot episode. For participating in our show, the recipient family will receive a complete landscaping makeover of their property.

    The most important thing for us, however, is that the family be deserving of our help. There is no need for them to have a sob story, although that does not disqualify them, either. Our viewers must believe that such a gift will truly help the recipient family and that they have earned it. Ideas that have come to our minds are military deployment, new births, multiple births, multiple jobs, charity workers, etc. Anyone who goes above and beyond on a daily basis, either out of necessity or voluntarily, and could really use a helping hand.

    We're asking for everyone's help on this. Families like these may be hard to find, but with enough people looking it shouldn't take any time at all. If you know of anyone who you think would be interested in being a part of our show, please let me know. You are welcome to use any of the contact information below to call or write me at any time.

    Thank you for your help!

    Ron Harbin
    "The Lawn Angels"
    310.317.1545 t

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