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Free Lawn and Landscape Service?


LawnSite Member
Baton Rouge, LA
I am trying to come up with a name for the company and would like to include my last name "FREE" in the company name without causing any misunderstandings or hard feelings. I would like to catch customers attention with the word "Free" but there will be a charge for services. Do you think something like this will cause too much trouble?

For example:
Free Lawn and Landscape Service
Free's Lawn and Landscape Service

Any Marketing guys have a suggestion?

Troy Free


LawnSite Senior Member
Your looking for trouble with that people will use that against u! not worth having to explain everytime .


LawnSite Senior Member
use your first name.


LawnSite Senior Member
Originally posted by win1free
Are you saying to use Troy's Lawn and Landscape and not use "Free" in any form?




LawnSite Senior Member
Then on the back of your gate you can have a sign that says

"Let the gate of Troy serve you" :laugh:

Let it Grow

LawnSite Senior Member
Walla Walla, WA
I agree. You'll only cause a lot of confusion. Don't use the word free in your name, that's not something that you can change easily once you get advertisements out there.

Team Gopher

LawnSite Platinum Member
Hi win1free,

Here is an idea, use Troy's Lawn and Landscape.

Then maybe you can say call us and ask our owner Troy Free about his amazing Free offer.