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Free Leads In Atlanta....


LawnSite Senior Member
This is my first time in about 2 months that I have had time to play on the Internet and not working, or sleeping from a long day.....But anyway, I have a few leads in different areas in Atlanta and surrounding suburbs.....I am so swamped with calls, and already have my cup over flowing with to much work, and need get some of these people off my back. Most lawns are $35 to $45 per visit, and you should be able to sell most of them on landscape and other services.....Most of these people are in neighborhoods I no longer service or don't think I can get enough accounts to justify going out of my way. I have the most in South Fulton, and a Few in Stone Mt area( which is all the way across town from me). If you are interested, PM me and I will hit you back with the name and the number and maybe the address if available of the people who are looking for service. Hope everyone else is having as much success as I am having with their winter marketing...because I think I might have over did it.....because my phone rings all day long....and thats no joke....but I am loving it....just getting harder to keep up with all the calls and Estimates.