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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    Brad here is a freebie for you. Yet another selling point for the Flex-Deck. This is one you don't mention. You can keep the majority of the weight of the machine, your drive tires and sulky or feet way farther away from that potentially dangerous or marshy creek/pond/lake edge with the Flex-Deck!!! Plus it can also be used to stay farther away from any ledge, retaining wall, soft ditch bank, roadway ect...

    This pic is from our new sponsor Great Dane. Now all you have to do is run out and take your own picture to plug in here and there.

    I'm tired of seeing the same old pictures anyways. :D
    You can repay me later with a HUGE discount!!!!

    gateway@the lake.jpg
  2. Flex-Deck

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    Envy - Here is my pic, notice how the Flex-Deck is contour mowing - the Great Dane is a locked deck and will not follow the contours - Bet we are both getting about 18" closer that normal mowers[​IMG]

    flex-deck over pond bank - jd.jpg
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Brad, you missed a spot in the foreground :p
  4. Flex-Deck

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    Envy - Here is another point that I take very seriously - If you will note, the Great Dane picture is taken with all the grass mowed already - in front and in back, so you have no clue as to how well the mower is actually mowing the grass on the over hang (Fixed overhang) part of the deck

    You may note that the Flex-Deck in my picture is mowing grass that is about a foot and 1/2 tall - This guy had never been there before - Note all the grass clippings laying in the pond -

    Us guys that are out there mowing need stuff that works, not stuff that is pictured to give the allusion of working.

    I have had people email and say I need pics on a lush perfect lawn with a polished mower to sell my product - I grew up on a ranch -with wheat farming - we wanted and used stuff that got the job done --

    At Louisville, I have had a demo area for the last 3-4 years - At the end of the first hr. there is dust and grass on the mower - the only time it was spit shined was the day I set up - After that people just want to run the machine.

    Thanks, Brad -- PS -See my post just above and the one of the great dane - 2 above to see what I am talking about.

    Thanks Brad[​IMG]

    flex-deck over pond bank - jd.jpg
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Looks like your digital camera and mine are "kin" :eek:

    I get those quality pics with yellow, purple, pink sky's. The off colored picks often. Gray grass, brownish green ect. Fuzzy, blurry, all sorts of stuff.

    It seems they always come out the worst when things look there best :mad:

    Anyways, I figure the Gateway probably mows at near the same quality as any other 52" fixed deck. That design allows you to put a bigger mower on a gated yard, saves trailer space and little else.

    The Gateway design falls far short of the ingenuity and ability of the Flex-Deck.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    when will flex-deck have a side unit for everyone, first it was John Deere, then Dixie I think, how about hustler z's, exmarcs, ie, the rest of us?

  7. Albemarle Lawn

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    They would turn left.
  8. Flex-Deck

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    Dave Gretzmeier - We already have them on 2 eXmark 36" WB - and and eXmark 52" WB - And we can put them on the ZTR's too -- Would love to put one on a Hustler - No deck cutting on the Hustler, because the deck skirt hugs the blade tip all the way to the 11:00 oclock position. Here is the eXmark 52" WB


    52x-under trees2.jpg
  9. Flex-Deck

    Flex-Deck LawnSite Silver Member
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    BTW - Envy, My digital does not do the wierd colors, those pics were old 35 mm, that I scanned into the computer before I had any programs to use digital - they only show the result, but not very pretty I agree.

    Thanks Brad

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