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free rock

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by barefeetny, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. barefeetny

    barefeetny LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 533

    So somewhere i heard the old backdoor approach to buisness...

    the backdoor gets you in the house the same as the front...

    i put up a few ads looking for rock

    you know gardeners dig them up
    the new house owners want contemperary looks... get rid of that wall
    new construction... they leave them everywhere
    old foundations

    i figured i could get some free rock

    build a few walls and pillars in my own yard...and some boulders for my home pondless that i want to build

    I offered to smooth over any area with fresh soil if the wall was lower then the grade

    guess what i found

    more rock then i could ever use
    and 2 lawn new maintenance customers...
    1 person wants me to take their wall down and build them two pillars

    i got 15 emails in 3 hours
    3 of the people offered to load me up with their machines...

    and the topper i scored a perfect feildstone wall(all squares and flats) 4 foot tall that runs about 75 yards... mossy and old....

    all in all i was surprised.... most of the people i talked too just wanted it out of their yards...a few wanted money

    It got me thinking though

    Besides the free rock and the work... i plan to palletize a couple for future work... what the heck can i do with it all.... think the local mason/garden/landscape supply will buy some....they sell pallets of this stuff..

    Just a thought if you guys ever find yourself in the same situation...Let me know i wrote a funny craigslist ad that scored big time
  2. mattfromNY

    mattfromNY LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from Central NY
    Messages: 1,582

    I knew of a feller in PA that would go around buying old farm walls, and field stone, then palletize and sell the rock. If I remember (going back 5 yrs. or so) he paid $20.00 per pallet to the landowner. Then, depending on the size/ grade/ type of rock, he would fetch anywhere from $100.00-up per pallet.
    It sounded like a ton of money to me then, but now I dont know if my back is up to the work, I did firewood for quite a few years and my back hurts just thinking of it! Maybe with the right equipment, and a few good laborers that can stack rock properly/ efficiently, maybe it would be profitable.
  3. lifetree

    lifetree LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,369

    OUCH !!! My back already hurts just from reading this thread !! LOL !!
  4. Venturewest

    Venturewest LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 516

    Barefoot that is awesome. Are those the old drystack walls from a century or more ago? I think that would be kind of sad to get rid of that. Here is seems that rock is just the opposite to most people. They will take any kind of free rock, and stick it in their yard. I saw a guy take a 350' long driveway and line it with red oklahoma sandstone, 1' rocks end to end on each side, sitting on top of the ground.

    Must have taken him forever and it looked hideous.

    You know what though? I think I will stick an ad on Craigslist and see what happens. You never know.
  5. barefeetny

    barefeetny LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 533

    a lot of immigrent jewish farmers tried to stake out a life farming in the country.... much like they did in the old country...they came to the us and after a few years came to the catskills....

    Forget about breaking soil with your biggest tool being a ox....they found rock.... alot of rock as the valley i'm in is glacialy formed.... its a shame back then i don't think back then building them was anything but utlitarian... mark borders and get them out of the planting surface....Not a ounce of cement or glue... rocks of all sizes....

    I'm amazed at the drystack walls we have in this area... we take them forgranted..... when people from other areas show up they rave about them... the even go unnoticed in front yards sometimes....When I lived at home when i was a kid i took down a pool and build a patio....a few small walls and a fireplace.....Its backbreaking work.my grandfather had a bunch of old masons tools sitting in the barn....... but so cool....Now that i'm getting older i can't see lifting them into the truck....lifting them out...I own machinery now... but want to build some pillars to hang cedar split rail on.... and would love to face my chimmney and foundation...Plus i need some boulder for the area i plan to build my little pondless waterfall


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