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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Champion-Lawn, Feb 20, 2010.

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    yes, and the spreadsheet is impressive.
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    Hey guys I want to thank everyone that has taking the chance to check this out.

    Im keeping to my word, I only have 3 more that I am willing to give away, after
    that Im sorry.

    All those that have gotten a free copy I would really appreciate it if you would
    be in contact with me via email about any questions you may have.

    Again thanks for the support.
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    I don't have any more to give away, sorry

    Congrats to all those that got it. Feel free to post your comments & concerns here or send me an email.

    And thanks aird208 for the kind words!
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    Excellent spread sheet!

    Couple of ?'s
    How did you come up with the labor time to complete each task for your crew members? I know there is plenty of industry data out there. Did you time your crews on different tasks or are you going by industry standard data?

    I only looked over the sheet last night for about 20 min. One item I thought was skewed was the cost for mulch. Seems very high. Most commercial bids are very competitive and I've always found the most I could have billed for mulch was at 75.00/cuyrd
    Have you looked into the pos of subbing out mulch appl. thru one of the mulch blowing contractors? On one of my large accounts I hired out and had the whole account blown in 5 hrs. Of course...the specs on that bid said 200yrds and I knew from experience the property only needed about 100yrds. Sometimes pencil pushers write up these commercial bids and they are far off on materials and other specs. I had one bid in MA that required shrub trimming 8 times a season! If you live in that area you know there's know way that growing season will push you to 8...maybe 3 at the most.

    Thanks for the sheet! I'll look it over later tonight or this week in detail.
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    The labor rates are calculated with 10's of thousands of hours of research, job costing data and tracking. None of the labor times are taking from industry standered. Along with our own tracking there was some inside help from some of the top five landscaping companys and some of their production ratios as well that were factored in (fyi very good data).

    Funny thing with mulch, we were paying to have mulch blown in on all of our properties and it was being blown in at $39 per/yard. What we found is that the blower trucks even when asked to blown super thin, would blow in 30% -50% more mulch than we could put down by hand, bottom line our hand mulching jobs turned better profit numbers every single time, even on jobs where we put down over 200 yards.

    I have got to run to church but Ill touch base with you on the calculation for mulch in a few.
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