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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Champion-Lawn, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I think I understand what you are seeing in the spread sheet, the mulch install prices on the "mulch analysis sheet" seem to be through the roof, that is a reflection of the "gross margin" entered. So technically to keep the same profit spread on the mulch as much as the other items, those are the type of per/cy numbers that are needed. I will see if I can break it out so you could create a different gross margin for the mulch installs than everything else, but how I would work around that (which is time consuming) is do a quote for everything except mulch then one quote with mulch using to different gross margins. Does that all make since?
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    So far this spreadsheet has been very impressive. I still have some questions about it. We do things a little differently here, are contracts for basic maintenance are written on thirty eight visits per year. twenty eight mowing session and ten bi weekly sessions of keeping fall debris up, keeping things edged, all parking lots blown clean etc. This is not showing up in the sheet for me that it is accounting for this. Im sure with a little help it can be accounted for though. I've always guestimated our properties and been pretty close and then figured our overhead in. If you are thinking about going public with this I think it will kill it. I have been waiting for someone to come out with something like this.
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    Makes sense. I still ....with min experience on very large com prop feel the mulch blowing companies would be benificial. But...I've only had to call them in once. I'm sure you have your mulch crews/prices down.
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    Absolutely our mulching is tried and tru, I wondered for years why Brickman in our area would buy large volumes of mulch and spread it by hand on all of their commercial property's and it wasnt until we started doing it that I realized why, because its so crazy to think that spreading by hand would be more cost effective than a blower truck but if you have the man power and can buy cheap mulch it is. I mean there's a system to it, on streets with tree rings lining miles or blocks of road way, one guy drives the truck and stops at every tree ring, and gets out to help the second man through mulch on the ring, the second guy smooths everything / tamps it while the driver pulls up to the next ring, after everything is done the street / sidewalk is blown down, talk about fast tree ring mulching.

    On large commercial beds we fill wheel barrows (keep the truck close by) and throw in mulch by hand, even 100s of yards, the wheel barrows never stop being productive EVER, they are either being filled, pushed to location, or being emptied. No guy is every NOT working, one extra wheel barrow comes in handy.

    I know you guys know this stuff, Im just elaborating because it really blew me away when we realized how cost effective it was to mulch by hand as appose to the blower trucks (now if I could get a blower truck down around $25-$30cy) then we might have to re-evaluate.
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    That's odd. Someone who made their first ever post to a guy selling something who had his first post "trying to sell something". LOL
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    Im really thankful for all of the interest in getting the spread sheet, however I am doing some beta testing with 15 members. I will keep each of you in mind for the future. Thank you for the interest.
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    Champion, what is a standard value to use for manager "wiggle" room? What do the corresponding values relate to, a percentage of GPM? I'm trying to prob a little deeper to better understand the calculating values and so far I'm already stuck at page 1.
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    Great question,

    Let me see if I can help you get through, honestly one of the most important pages in the entire spread sheet.

    Each point, either + or - is related to a percentage of GP like you thought.

    If you are the manager and you really NEED to get another contract because of overhead cost for the business or maybe its a class A property and it would be good to have your company name attached to it, you would want to use NEGATIVE numbers, if you really didnt NEED the contract or if it was a dog like a small strip shopping center you would use POSITIVE numbers. If you were neutral and thought that you may get the contract at the current GP, then you would leave a Zero there.

    Does that help?

    By the way thank you for asking questions because like yourself Im sure there are others stuck on this page and your question may help them.

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