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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Champion-Lawn, Feb 20, 2010.

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    OK....just wanted to be clear on it, and maybe others needed clarification as well. I did use the right figures then. Thanks!
  2. Turf Logic

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    So should we be figuring in all of our equipment and employees in the sheet, or just the amount of employees and equipment used for the job?
  3. Champion-Lawn

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    That is a phenomenal question,

    This bidding system is geared toward commercial maintenance, so any equipment you have that pertains to commercial maintenance should be included. For instance if you use a dump trailer of doing mulching jobs on the commercial property but it sits nearly un-used for 90% of the year, you should still factor the dump trailer in. Also it is important that if you have a skid steer that is mainly used for landscape installs, you should NOT include that piece of equipment (this piece of equipment should fall into your landscape install overhead, equipment cost). Sure you could account for the equipment in this spread sheet but you wont see a true cost for your landscape maintenance. Likewise if you have employees that work primarily in the landscape install sector of your business you should have an idea of how much down time these crews or employees have (normally LCO's make them work in the maintenance division during down time) there should be a % that you can translate into a physical man hour to enter into this spread sheet. For example: Landscape jobs account for 70% of your 3 man crews yearly labor hours, and instead of laying them off you put them on commercial maintenance crews for the remaining 30% of the time. Say you had 2000 working hours per/man annually you would have 600hrs per employee annually x 3 employees giving you 1800 hrs to factor into your employee cost in the spread sheet for commercial maintenance.

    Does that help? I think I answered your question
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    I just re-read your question, and want to make sure Im clear that if you have a maintenance division you should enter all employees in the maintenance division
    that are "DOING" the work, not just one crew that will be working the job. There could be a VERY valid point made for just entering the crew that you will be using to maintain the job, however I feel very strongly about using the laws of business averages and not best possible outcomes. For instance if you just enter a 4 man crew that will be taking care of a property your "Need To Collect" figure may be in the $8 per/hr range, where as if you had ALL of your crews enter into the spread sheet, say 12 employees that take care of all properties your "Need to Collect" figure may be $12 per/hr range (interesting how it doesnt go up by 3x the employees) The reason is because you are using the laws of averages.

    The reason I like to use everyone into the average is because we have frequent turn over, and guys that dont get along with others on the crew, basically we are switching crews up, bringing on new guys, everyone once in a while losing our best guys and had I bid a specific job on a specific 4 man crew that averaged $8 per/hr and now I cant establish an $8 per/hr average crew because either guys dont have drivers licenses, I cant find good cheap labor, etc... It wont leave me in a bind on a specific job and more importantly I wont be losing MONEY.
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    This is the answer I was looking for. This is how I plugged it in, but wanted to make sure.
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    How do I get a copy?
  7. Schuley

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    Same here.....i'd like to check it out, I have a spreadsheet now, but I don't like it...
  8. Champion-Lawn

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    Good news & Bad news...

    I am really overwhelmed with all the members that are interested getting a copy of my pride and joy that I have decided to beta test here at regretfully things are still in Beta and being tested and Im not comfortable sending it out to more people.

    Well heres the GOOD NEWS, while the system that is in Beta is a beast for commercial LCO's there was a time that commercial maintenance was not a mainstay and I had to have something else to bid jobs and make sure money was not lost. Its a one page spread sheet that is more involved than any one pager I have every seen given away, and I want to give it to EVERYONE that wants to PM me with their email or just leave your email here, up to you.

    Something you will notice in the spread sheet there is an old commercial job that we bid so you can use it as an example, of course you will need to use your own numbers and production figures (just to double check theres nothing funny or out dated).

    So send over a PM and I'll get it right out to you ASAP

    Ps; This is NOT the beast that is in Beta
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    WTH, can't hurt to look at it. You ain't getting my business email though, lol.

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