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Free stripping kit or mulching kit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dannyc33, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. dannyc33

    dannyc33 LawnSite Member
    from indy
    Messages: 95

    I'm going to be buying an 04 Lazer z in the next week or two and was wondering whether i should get the free striiping kit ($350) or the mulching kit ($250).

    I've seen here that the stripping kits are easy to make for like $30, not $350, but are the stock ones stronger, last longer, and are they covered under the waranty?

    However, I've never used a mulching kit. Is it worth is in the spring when the grass is tall and wet. I've also read here that it clumps alot and leaves grass on the chute side, thus having to double cut and defeating the purpose of the kit. I'm not worried about getting grass in the beds since I'll get an OCDC too.

    Also when grass is wet and tall I might just use the Ultra Vac to avoid have to double cut.

    any thoughts?
  2. TLS

    TLS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,943

    Not 100% sure, but I think this promotion is on the '03 models ONLY.
  3. dannyc33

    dannyc33 LawnSite Member
    from indy
    Messages: 95

    i though it was on all new Z's, but eighter way which is the best way to go?
  4. Buckeye1

    Buckeye1 LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 170

    I would take the striping kit if you are planning to add an ocdc. Were you going to use the mulch baffles in combination with the ocdc?

    If you do decide to go with a mulch kit and a striping roller, you would be money ahead to take the mulch kit as your freebie and buy the striping roller off ebay for $180.
  5. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,915

    Get the striping kit. We have the stripers on our 60" and 72". They are very nice. We also have the mulch kit. It went on once, and came off at the first property we did that day. Has never been on since then. Too much of a pain in the butt to take on and off throughout the season. Realistically, it hasn't affected any of our jobs by just side discharging. Throughout the course of our days, we mow from heavily irrigated properties to burned out lawns. No way we could use a mulch kit.

    Also, the striping roller eXmark sells, which I believe is made by York Sheetmetal (correct me if I'm wrong) is no way going to only cost you $30 to make. The stainless roller (1/4 thick wall tube) is probably $10 a foot or more. Sealed bearings, bracketing, and welding added to that. Yes, maybe a "striper" could be made for $30, but not this one. You get what you pay for. It's top notch quality.
  6. dannyc33

    dannyc33 LawnSite Member
    from indy
    Messages: 95

    thanks for your replys,I'll be getting the strippinh kit

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