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FREE Webinars from PCS (UPB Control Systems Training!)


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North Port, FL
I went to one of their in-person full-day trainings. It was a steep learning curve! Still, these are very smart people supporting a very robust product line.


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I went to a local short seminar (about an hour and a half) at a local distributor who carries PCS/ Pulseworx, HAI and Simply Automated.

I could get into it some.. but at the same time I have some clients asking about LEDs, and as far as I understand, you can't dim them...

Anyway, he walked us through the programming and it looks like it wouldn't be too difficult for me, but explaining to the homeowner might be another issue, unless they were really enthusiastic and eager to learn...


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I set it all up with Upstart. Kinda asked a few questions from other contractors then set up a system at home and just ran with it.

Has anyone tried the new system from ControlScape ? Doug Hill was mentioning it to me when I was having some time clock probs (the new CS clock is MUCH better firmware.

The new system you can control lighting...thermostats...security...audio I think all from an Ipod touch or iphone or you can do touch screens.

http://myambience.com/ You can also just get the lightbox and its compatible with upb...vantage...lutron and x10.

I have been waiting to get my hands on one just been too busy with other things.

On another note. Alot of homeowners are NOT tech savvy. You should keep systems for these types of clients SIMPLE or you will drown yourself in service calls and they will end up regretting installing it.

If you come across a nice binder or know who at puleworx can get me one Joey I would appreciate it. I have been using mostly Simply automated and HAI


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actually its pretty easy for the homeowner, just dont let them do the programming.

Billy I think they have a full training manual, you should contact them. I had a huge binder from them but I think Nate stole it from me?

The Pulseworx software, called Upstart, and the manual or guide and a lot of other files are available for free download online from PCS:



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Why would you explain to your clients how to program the dimmers. That should be your job ?

Too bad the webinars are not captioned :cry:
Well, it's not so much the programming but the actual use where I'm concerned about callbacks.

Which features do your clients seem to like the best? Which do they never use?

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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I keep all of my UPB controlled systems very simple to use for the client. Typically they will have a zonal on/off button located at each exit from the home. Then a master switch, typically at the front door or in a table top controller will have: All On/OFF and an On/Off for each zone of outdoor lighting.

I then install the timer in an out of the way location such as a mechanical room.

Sometimes the client will want another table top controller located on a bedside table for "emergencies" although I have yet to hear of anyone using them for that purpose.

Generally the timer handles most operation of the system, even zonal controls at different times. The switches are there more for manual over ride commands.

Call me anytime re: this Gregg. "FDBWF"