Freedom Z - Advice Needed - Baffles & Tires


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This is my first post so please go easy if I missed something. I bought a new 52” Freedom Z in 2009 and it’s been great except for 2 things. I recently discovered I can do something about these issues but I need advice.

- I learned I can put baffles on the deck to keep the dirt blowback under control but I can’t find them for sale online. The two big Scag sites either don’t have baffles at all or won’t find my serial number range.
- The One thing I REALLY always hated is the rear tires! I’ve been on a lot of zero turn mowers and I’ve never had anything with less traction on hills, I’ve never been stuck so much, and I’ve never pierced any tire so easily as the 20X10-8 V-Turf tires that it came with. I even had one collapse and come off the rim while on a steep sideways incline.

So anyway, I was hoping to find baffles for it somewhere online and get recommendations on better tires. Ive heard the Freedom Z can use a 22” tire but I’d need to know how to adjust deck pitch. I’ve never done that. All that said, the mower has been great with very few other problems. I’ve cut 5 acres a week for 12 years with this machine, 8 months out of the year.


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If you're talking about the dirt coming through the holes in the deck and you don't want to spend the money on the baffles, just plug the holes with a small bolt that fits the hole but doesn't interfere with the blade. Maybe someone else will chime in with the tire question for you.

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