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  1. kountryscape

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    from iowa
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    Check this site out!!!!

    It shows you how to take cuttings from shrubs and trees and grow your own shrubs. Imagine going and trimming a customers shrubs charging 30 or 40 dollars an hour go to the shop plant the cutting in a misting bed and making a couple of 1000 dollars in two or three years. I bought mikes video kinda home made but it gets the point acrossed and i found his book to be great.

    money from nothing I'm starting this year why throw this stuff away after all he grows his stuff on a faction of an acre so you can do this in your back yard . low cost great ideas

    discustion board is a great place to go for help in this site.
  2. dan deutekom

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    how do you figure this is free plants? Sure the cuttings are free (sort of if you don,t count your time to cut them correctly), the mist bed costs something, your time to stick them, water them, feed them, protect for winter,pots, soil, pot them up, sell them,etc. This sounds like a production nursery in small scale and it is not really free
  3. Lanelle

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    I agree. If you are growing rare plants, it might pay off or you may derive satisfaction from the endeavor itself. I wouldn't call these free plants.
  4. joshua

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    sounds good to me but only for my house i would use them, then the plants would only be dogwoods and other nice flowering trees and shrubs of that nature.
  5. swing blade

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    i think its a great idea. so what if you have to water, feed, protect, and sell them, you have to do this anyway if you sell plants that you purchase from suppliers. Keep me informed
  6. Kansas Turf Man

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    Been doing this for a couple of years. Not sure if I would again. It cost me around $5000 for everything involved. It just started out a a hobby and a greenhouse. By the time I got everything I needed it wasn't worth it. Greenhouses are not cheep. I took propogation classes in college. It is easy to do. Just make sure you get the right hormones.
  7. tony58

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    Kansas turf man , you nailed it pretty good.I also propagate plants,it cost alot of money to get set up.Also it is very time comsuming.All I try to do is break even and do it as a hobby.You would have to have a big operation to make any good money.To do this you have to have a plentiful supply of water ,like a lake,creek,well.The Freeplants site main purpose is to sell books,tapes ,reports and $300.00 misting systems.They do have a good message board and alot of good info. if you are in to propagating.
    Tony 58
  8. Kansas Turf Man

    Kansas Turf Man LawnSite Member
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    Right On Tony. There is always a reason behind something being "FREE" $300 mist system That's just the beginging, the very begining. It takes alot of time and care to to propagation for a profit, heck for a hobby.
  9. kountryscape

    kountryscape LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    Ok so there not free if you count all the labor and pots etc. But i already have 3 acres of ground two greenhouses one 30x96 and one starter house 8x16 and i trim alot of shrubs for customers ,i thought it sounded like a good way to make a little cash from nothing at all.

    What if i bought rooted cuttings from a wholesale nursery ?

    would this be more profitable? or just buy ready to plant two or three gallon pots.

    what to do whats best ,i know flowers but wanted a little different thing to do.



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