French Drain pricing

What are you guys pricing for french drains? By the foot?

Waht ballpark are you pricing em in? Let's say 10 or 12" pipe


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10 or 12" pipe in a French Drain?I'm not sure that would even be considered a french drain anymore;)
A french drain needs a 4 to 6 " pipe depending on the amount of water to move.A "real" french drain uses no pipe and relies only on the slope and gravel to move the water.
As for pricing,we just finished up a 70 foot drain for $1400.I priced a little low as it was for a contract customer.4 guys and it took 8 hours with a backhoe.The gravel,pipe,pipe sock,catch basin,sewage basin,and soil barrier cost around $230.Sod cutter was 75 and the backhoe was 185 delivered.
Anyone else and I would have charged around $2000.Also should have used three guys instead of 4.Customer was happy and is already wanting more work done on top of the weekly maintenance.


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I charge $100.00 per drain to bury 3"-4" solid ADS out to about 10' from the house. This includes the pipe, adaptors, and pop-up.

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