Frend says thers no money in just mowing yards

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chambers 38, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. chambers 38

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    had a Friend of mine tell me theirs no money in just mowing yards,, but then i thought about all of you on her and I thought to my self, HM 20.000 members on her can be broke or they wouldn't't't be her. I say all of this because I'm getting ready to start my self in this business with the planes for service
    weed removal
    hedge trimming
    and for the off session
    chrisms light install

    so what I'm i missing i already have business plane and most of the equipment.
    OR should i continue to be a auto tech at a Buick dealer making less then 1,000 a month,
    p,s, theirs no money in turing wrenches unless your the smarties auto tech in the your shop, just my opinion after working in the same place and getting no where for 3 wasted years and no one her wonts to hire

    so maybe my question is if you could go back would you do anything else , would you recommend this business to anyone else??????
    Thanks Gil
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  2. out4now

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    Tell him he's right as you make money with it, complain and say how hard it is and carry on and such. Pssst...It's a good life and it's a secret. If everyone knew how rewarding this can be everyone would be doing it. Moan and compalin when he's around and kick up your feet when he's not lol :cool2:
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  3. ZX12R

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    I agree with your friend 100%. Cutting grass and nothing more will allow you to make a living,but not much more.
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  4. jeffh1988

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    Well i will tell you I am 16 and have about 20 weekly and bi-weekly accounts that i do full maintenance on. I had friends tell me when i picked up about 15 accounts this year that i would not make any money and i would always be working. I asked them how much they made working six days a week and they would tell me and i just sit back and laugh. I don't work near the time they do, make 3 times the amount they do, and am ten times happier than them because i have my own schedule and don't have to show up on time at a grocery store every day. I know i am a hard post to gauge if you will make money just cutting grass from because I don't pay most bills because i live with my parents as I am still in school. But for me the money is great at the age of 16.
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  5. pcnservices

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    Hey Gil,`
    So what are you waiting for? You have a buss. plan, equipment and from what I read - a lot of courage and ambition. Go for it Dude! payup
    Good luck to you
  6. lawnworker

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    What type of Dealership only pays 1000 per month?

    Anyway, yep you can do pretty well. A lot depends on where you are living at, your business skills, and the right equipment.
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  7. kickin sum grass

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    I started in 93 "just cutting grass". I worked my butt off along with adding other services to the line up. I will say I have worked way more than 1 man should have. Now 31 - I now have my house on 4.5 acres with a 36x40 shop and another 20x20 building paid for. All my equipment (and lots of it) but one truck is paid for. Have more money in my bank then most people i know, Have a retirement fund, just bought an acre lot with a 24x36 shop for an investment as this area is growing like crazy, and if nothing esle goes wrong have a plan by age 40 (9 more years) to be only working part time 3-4 days max.
    I do all this in a Ohio where you do nothing for about 3 months a year cept MAYBE some snow but can not count on that.

    Let them thank you can't make money in this biz, as they won't be taking your peice of pie.
    I know a lot of people who struggle to make the phone and electric bill. I refuse to live this way so I would be in this biz if it was not possible.
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  8. moss

    moss LawnSite Member
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    its all relevent. What is your happiness and indepence worth?
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  9. Mark McC

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    Someone once told me that I should never take the advice of someone who has not accomplished what I want to accomplish. If your friend is making a mint, maybe you should try what he's doing.

    Not to disparage your friend, I'm sure he's a good guy. But the ugly truth of human nature is that we're for what we are/have and against what we are not/don't have. If you want to change your life, count on resistance. True friends will still be there when you make the changes and will support you.

    Besides, if it's true that there's no money in this industry, why is that in every town, there's some outfit with three trucks, fifteen employees and some invisible head honcho who's somewhere taking in money while the employees work?

    Final crunch? If your friend aint in the business, how could he POSSIBLY KNOW?
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  10. gogetter

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    Hmmm, somebody better tell that guy in Texas. THe guy that does "Just Mowing".
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