Friend in FLA gets hurt...Scrubs

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MarcSmith, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Hi Marc, Thank You for posting that pic, I, not to long ago made an issue about all the children on this site......While 99% of lawnsite members seemed to support children doing "Mens" work, that I was some kind of "Crazy Northerner"........My main concerns were regarding safety[ Work Place Safety should be all of our concerns?]........I guess I'm from the ole school and believe children should be able to enjoy there summers, I do understand the importance of teaching children the correct ways of doing thngs, believe children with an intrest in the "Greens industry" should be provided "internships" or entry level positions [ and paid accordingly to there output not minimun wages!].........well thanks for showing the other side of the work "Coin"......if this was "Your Kid", how would some of you "BOZO'S feel now?.......regards Saxon
  3. Sean Adams

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    seems like a tough kid...pretty cool they got your perspective being from the industry....agree with Saxon - up to a certain age, kids should be able to sleep in, play, swim, hang with friends, maybe read a book or two for upcoming school year....I'm not against young people working just don't think it should be a requirement at early age
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    That's a bad one. Hope he is OK now. A ladder with shears is not the place for any uninsured employee, I don't care if he is 8, 38, or 88 years old; not that any place is, but a ladder is about the worst place. Too big of a risk.
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    This is a simple one. Sue the homeowner so they will be more inclined to make a claim on their insurance for an injury on their property. That way, all of OUR insurance rates will go up some more - both home and business. I love that there "yard" business and that there "grass cuttin'" business.
    I will say that I'm glad he's alright and didn't kill himself.
  6. freddyc

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    Its always difficult to see someone get hurt. The choice between kids working or not is a hard one given the lack of responsibility seen from kids that never did anything when uthey were young. Sometimes supervision helps but if you're climbing a ladder with clippers, you're taking a chance at any age. There are some kids who do fine at these chores and some that don't---same with adults.

    Kids should enjoy their childhood but also get some work experience. You learn so much faster when you're a kid then an adult.
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    NOT to be unsympathetic to the injury .... as it looks painful ....BUT if that happen to one of my guys ....n again to be understanding ....but if that was the extent of the injury I would have paid that out of my pocket before I made a W/C claim or insurance issue ....

    the injury DOES look painful .... yet not a long term injury n again not too be a ^&%$ head .... I could NOT hire anyone under 18 .... just incase an injury did happen that I DID need my W/C or insurance to kick in
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    I don't the entire extent. the link goes into more detail....but how the owner of teh yard service doen't pony up is beyond me.... and it just goes to show that this is a dangerous business, as many of us know and insurance, although not wanted in many cases is needed and should be an industry standard as we all try to promote....
  9. Paradise Landscapes

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    Anyone having no insurance is just as stupid in many ways.
    Just to let you know, As an EMT student, For kids, anything 10' and up and for adults, Anything 15' or 20 or more is concidered a trauma, just the fall alone.
  10. K c m

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    I wouldn't say stupid. I have everything except medical because i just can't afford it. 30k a year for school + everything else. The other day i shut my 21" off to raise the deck and didnt realize it had 2 spins still in it and it cought my middle finger all the way to my pinkey and there was a gash in it. i needed stiches so i took a pair of pliers, hydrogen peroxide, a needle and thread and sewed it up. problem solved ha.

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