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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rutwad, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Guys, any questions or details are pretty much available, but I won't go through all that. My best friend is ready to start working for himself. It is not cutting grass, but with me just venturing out on my own, I told him if things don't work out we could always cut grass.

    Anyway, just from fixing someones ATV because he likes to do it, word spread and then he had another ATV to work on. He's not trying to impress the customers, he just honestly believes in doing a great job. Somebody comes in needing a carb cleaned, well they get that, plus fluids checked and topped off, ripped fenders zip-tied or riveted back in place, and straigntening bent racks. It's not to charge extra, he just don't want it leaving his shop looking bad. (He is anal about things being perfect). Well, word spread and he actually stays pretty busy working on ATV's and he lives in NOWHERE. Absolutely out of the way of everything, but people keep coming to him. Anything from complete rebuild, to a sputtering atv, or a crashed atv. He has a crashed Artic Cat 400 that looked awefull. The young man was scared to death of his dad seeing his wrecked ATV. So he returned home without it which raised supspicion with his dad, but he said he left it to have the oil changed. The young man did not have the money to spend on a new front end, bumper, racks, etc., so my buddy went to work. When he returned the ATV, the young man's dad being suspecious went to check it out and found nothing other than a "custom bumper" that had been put on it. What I am saying is, if you have the money and want old parts replaced he can easily do that. But if you have something that needs repairing whatever it takes, he's the man. He custom lifted his 4wd atv making EVERYTHING for it. Anyway, powersports equipment, any brand, he can handle it. His results honestly are impressive, not just satisfactory.

    So, will this keep him busy? Maybe, maybe not. BUT with approx. 15 yrs. experience welding, metal working, etc., HE CAN BUILD ANYTHING. Honest to God, we call him Mcgiver (although he doesn't like it) I could go on and on about costly repairs he has avoided just by fixing the unfixable. He has built it all. Small atv trailers are a cinch (spelling?), custom build front bumpers for trucks, suv's, and atv's all have been done. Custom build running boards for his truck with bumper and grill guard. People don't believe it when he tells them he built is. This guy goes to thinking about something, and will build it just because. When my wife and I moved to the country, he was there for me, putting up a custom built 20x30 carport with attached 20x30 enclosed "shop". No prefab, ordered steel, ordered tin, and went to work.
    Headboard/footboard for his master bedroom, yep built that too. Wife now want him to build a baby bed that she showed him a pic of. No problem. Farm tractor, implement repair, modification...always. Why buy a box blade when you can make one. That's what he did. When they built their new house, he wanted to put centipede in the yard. Centipede grass is expensive, but it spreads great. So build something to pull with the tractor to cut small layers of centipede from the pasture and bring to the yard. Chimney cover, done that.

    So what it boils down to is he wants a multi-purpose business. Powersports repairing/ rebuilding/ cutomizing from bumpers, racks, hitches. Anything custom made for it, or aftermarket to be installed. Anything ATV.

    But not to limint himself to just that he want to stay with building, making, designing things. ATV or 20' trailers, tree stands, steel items that need repairing, etc. Don't be limited by only what I listed. I never would have thought of him making a king size headboard/footboard, but he did. So basically if you can imagine it, he can make it.

    He'w more of a worker and never on the net, so I told him I would try to find out some things for him. He was thinking about "Somewhere" County Powersports, but that is a very limited name.

    Please suggest anything, from sign layouts, logos, business name, or whatever else. I appreciate your help, and I know he will definittely be greatfull.

    Thanks Guys!
  2. huh

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    www.ICanF' :usflag: :laugh: :walking: :cool2:
  3. Mickhippy

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    All Trades Custom & Repair! Master of All Trades, Jack of None!
  4. Grits

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  5. Runner

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    Sounds like a guy I know that owns a biz called All Fab Welding. He is also a Boss Plow dealer. he definitely does alot of repair. If he has a knack for sort of stuff (design, pattern making, and fabrication), the sky's the limit for him. One guy I know started business making security doors. he ended up going into wrought iron fences, and even did spiral staircases. There are WAY toomany people just in OUR industry that want too many things. Look how overpriced all these "trimmer racks", blower racks, cooler racks, mower lifts, gate lifts, and all these other contraptions. Show him some sites with some OCDCs. he could come up with his own design and make a KILLING.
  6. rutwad

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    Never thought of that. Trimmer racks, blower racks. cooler racks, etc. That is something else he could build. Really, after seeing him work, I want to learn to weld. It seems like anything is possible.
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    Sounds like a guy I know He started off going to peoples houses and fixing thier motorcycles. Then he had a shop under another business Now hes got one of the largest BMW motorcycle shops in the southeast
    If you go with __________ powersports he may not get as much of the fab work If you go with __________ Fab shop he may not get all the powersport business
    I like the All trades Custom and repair
    BTW where in Al is he?
    Dont need anything right this minute but you never know

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    I would say-- Do not waste your time thinking of a name,
    If he is as good as you say he will not need to advertize much and very few will go to him because of a name.
    A guy like that, If he is what you say , will never be without work. He will pic and choose his work.
  9. Mickhippy

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    Bugger racks and stuff, I want the perfect mower!
  10. PMLAWN

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    I have one--- I call him Son

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