Friend is out of town, has mower issues.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jun 6, 2005.


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    Got a call yesterday, friend tells me his crew leader called him and was having problems with the Bobcat. Asked me to look at it, so I call his crew leader, and I check out the mower. Tranny belt wouldn't stay on. Crawl under the mower, and see the pulley under the tranny is 1/2 inch higher then the tension pulley. Then I notice the tranny pulley is warped. It appears they have hit something, but how??? Only guess I have is that when they unloaded the mower, the Velke got buckled and got caught under the tranny pulley. Any suggestions?
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    I agree with your prognosis.. Either that or they dropped it off of a cliff or something.. Those pulley's are pretty well sheilded from trauma.. So I'd be willing to bet they damaged it like you suggested. By running over the sulky.

    Or maybe it got away from someone on a hill and slid down and over a stump or something. Did you make sure that the pulley isn't broken around where the stamped part is welded to the part that fits over the shaft? I've seen other types of pulley's do that..
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    I'd be willing they dropped it off a curb at a corner, and whacked it.

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    Could be, but the curb would have to be at least 18 inches high to bang up the pulley. Pulley sits up pretty high.
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    Ive had some big sticks in tall grass go up under the engine deck and knock a belt off but never hard enough to bend anything. If the stick was big enough and hit it just right though...

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