Friend just became an "LCO".....congrats!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gr grass n Hi tides, May 27, 2004.

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    A while back a friend of mine asked me for a couple of my doorhangers & business cards. He talked it all up saying he would send me as much business as he could..........I appreciated that. Never did get any calls though. On & off he'd ask me some operational questions, etc., & I shared with him what I could.

    So, I see him again a few weeks ago and tell him the gals & canvased his neighborhood with doorhangers (which he actually suggested I should do). After I tell him he says "yeah well actually, I'm gonna be a landscaper now too..........had me a job last week as a matter of fact spreading grass seed for a lady at the end of my $12.50 an hour for that job!"

    I'm like - really? Cool. those prices though man. Him: "well whatever I just can't see charging an arm and a leg." Then he says "yeah I made up some fliers and put them in all the mail boxes on my street and couple right close here.........I've got 5 lawns now."

    Me: (as I think to myself #1 you can't legally stuff mailboxes) Cool, man. Got one of those fliers I could check out sounds like they're working great.......glad they're doing the trick for ya! Him: "Nope, put every single one of them out.....sure did."

    I'm thinking golly gee wonder how the verbage on those fliers looked? Probably I'd have been real familiar with it except for the part which I'm sure read something along the lines of "any lawn mowed for $15.00."

    Fast forward now to earlier this week.

    I get a call from a lady that just built a house and is a friend of another friend of mine. She gives me the address & turns out to be just two doors down from my new LCO buddy's home!!!! I meet her there & we're standing in her driveway talking........just then walking down the street all sweaty with no shirt on pushing a 21er with one hand and carriying a bent shaft trimmer in the other is my LCO buddy. So I say hey ______ what's up man! Him: "How did you get Shawn's name?" Not hello. Not hey what's up buddy. Not anything except how did you get Shawn's name. So she tells him. Then he tells us both how nice it is for him not to have to stuff the mower into the back of his SUV because he can "walk to his jobs from home & even grab a beer inbetween."

    This is a retired guy that paid cash for his home. He's got plenty of money which he talks about frequently.

    I can't figure out if he just plain hates me or has some other sort of problem (besides the alcoholism). I mean.......I thought we were cool, shared some times.
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    the times are no longer
  3. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Yeah.......which sucks. I mean here I am sharing knowledge & being honest with the guy. I've really had some fun sharing times with the guy & now this?!

    He can do what he wants in "his neighborhood" but I'm not staying out of there. I get another call for service on his street & I'll set up shop..........again. I'm sure as heck not going to tell a word of mouth referral I can't help her because that dude we just saw walking down the street is her neighbor & she'll have to get him to help her. Just dumb luck she wound up being two doors down from him, but I'll tell you what that is very poetic.

    Now........on a slightly different note I recently did get a call from someone a little out of the area I want to be in (but still could have fit her into the end of my route) so I called someone I know that IS legit & knows how to price work - bingo he's got another client and I'm happy for them both because she's getting someone reliable & he isn't hurting the market.
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    Shawn, any chance he has a wife you can return the favour he gave you to?
  5. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    No........he's divorced but does have a girlfriend. j/k .......... (he really does have a g/f though).

    I'm just going to go about my business with my client. Of course, he'll see me at work & the fact that it takes me about 1/4 the time to service this account (similar in size to his) & it looks 10 times better. Maybe every now and then he'll wonder.........start thinking about why he's working so hard for so little & change his ways.
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    Doesn't sound to me like this guy is much of a threat to your(or anybody else's)business.He'll last about a month.
  7. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    More lies.

    So I'm at my new client's house today (his neighbor two doors down) mulching and installing some plants. He walks up and says "hey Shawn how's it going..........hey man I wish I knew this lady here......... I would have referred her your way but I don't know who she is, don't know her name." We chat for a few minutes.

    Then, when I'm finished my client invites me in for a glass of tea & we talk for a little while. She says "that guy that we've seen out there has been over here three times asking me if he can take care of the yard..........I keep telling him no because he just seems sort of dishonest.......I don't know.........."

    Then I tell her what he said just 10 min. before I finished up. she says "well I'm sure glad I didn't have him do anything."

    What the frick is up????? I mean, this guy sees me with my kids & when he does he says "come on gals give me a big ole' hug." Then he acts like this.

    allstar - You might be right. We'll see. One thing for sure, if he drops out come July when it's good & hot I'll probably have some speech giving to do if/when his old "clients" call me so I can explain away rates, etc. This goes beyond the scrub stuff though. With him this whole thing seems very personal. I need to say/do nothing right now because part of me wants a confrontation.
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    Sounds to me like he is envious...................
    Keep on trucking Shawn.
  9. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Thanks, Dave. Now that you mention it I think you might be right on that count. I'll definitely keep rollin' on............................

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