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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpicciu, May 27, 2006.

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    In my town, there are quite a few LCO's running around these days. Seems like any idiot who has a trailer and a mower will go around trying to do what we all do (which is their right though, even if they want to charge half for what normal LCO's would to get the job). I haven't run into too many problems dealing with or getting in the way of any competition or having problems with them. I pretty much stick to my own and do what I do. It seems like here its kind of the idea to hate other LCO's, or your competition.

    I realize that they are in fact competition, but I do nothing to deliberatley make these guys mad. So anyways before I start rambling...

    I was out mulching today at a group of condos, my biggest account, and I recognized another local LCO's truck pull into the driveway and approach me. Just based off stories I have heard I was thinking "oh great here it comes, he's gunna pick me apart".

    The guy who owns it went to highschool with me, graduated a year ahead of me. I played football on the same team with him, and was pretty well aquainted with him. So anyways he gets out and we get to talking and he seemed like he was generally interested in what I do and how things were working out for me. 80% of the time we didn't even talk about the business, and when we did he wasn't intruding or anything, just wished me luck and said that he was impressed with how I was starting up everything.

    Long story short, I thought to myself, 'dang, I guess you actually can have friends out here, and not every one is a turd burgler'.
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    A turd burgler? Aren't those only in prison?

    I used to be like your saying about hating the competition, I honestly picked it up from this site and some others, I had the "I'm better then you" thing going on, when I really wasn't better then them.

    After my former employer passed away I was reminded of what he always used to tell me, back when I worked for him I always wanted to push it and get more work coming as fast as possible and I'd always ask if he was worried about everyone getting in the business, he'd always say "theres enough work for everyone" and he had a successful business for almost 30 years. So after that I started to become like him more, I wave to all the other cutters I see, if I'm at a gas pump and ones next to me I say hi how you guys doing.

    Even though they're competition, it's better to make friends than enemies.
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    Some LCO's around here really are *********** but most are O.K. I agree it is better to make friends than enemies.

    Edited watch the language... jodi
  4. Idealtim

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    It takes a lot for you to hate me. And if i hate you, you've worked at it!
  5. dwlah

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    Around here we have a group of 3-4 LCOs we talk alot(get together for lunch about once a week or so) give each other a heads up on PIA customers and such Other than that we talk mostly about hunting fishing and motorcycling
    And all of us at one time or another have worked for my neighbor (hes been at it 20+ years)and have struck out on their on amd doing well
    That said there are some guys around that act like they are POd at the world and wont say s*** to you if they had a mouthfull
  6. ATVracer

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    LOL:laugh: Man I got a good laugh outta that.
  7. METRO 36

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    just got home from a local lco's house, we were putting his new mulch kit and giveing pointers on, stripes,mulching, pita's,etc. and wondering why most of the big guys (multi crews, lawn crews,landscape crews,etc) wont let there crews wave at us.He tells me that he used to work for them and its aginst company rules, thats just stupid if you ask me.

  8. We just give them an extra big smile and a wave, with arms outside of the truck!

    Oh I'm sure they see us. With a dual cab GMC 4500 pulling that huge Toro 580-D thru town it looks like we're moving the space shuttle!

    Hey! I'm in small town America! "Not waving" ain't a crime here, but it's close to being one.
  9. topsites

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    Because the minute I wave, some take this as an invitation to come over and talk, and bluntly speaking I don't got time for the bs.
    Yes, I know it excites folks to be talking to an(other) owner but I lost the excitement a long time ago, and I don't got what they want.
    So, I keep to myself and that cuts out at least half of the time-wasters thou there are always those who can't take a hint.

    Just the other day I'm finishing up this yard and yup, here comes one walking my way and once you've been through this enough times, you see them coming by either the look on their face or maybe it's the way they walk, I don't know but it's always talk-talk, and nothing ever comes of it, maybe a wild goose chase or they get something for nothing out of me, if nothing else my time is wasted.
    I was really surprised that not even trying, I had the truck started, in gear and rolling before the guy even figured out I was as good as gone. So I know I've been through this hundreds of times, and pardon me while I avoid the bs.

    No I don't got 2 seconds, because once I allow one to talk to me, it ain't over until it's over and that could be 20-30 minutes or worse.

    I might give a really light nod of the head, if I'm in the mood.
  10. drmiller100

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    sir, you are one crabby dude.

    i'm fairly new, plenty friendly.

    around here the old timers are all swamped, and i have gained a bunch of great accounts by being friendly.

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